What Are Benefits Of Bahi Dana-Quince Seeds




Benefits Of Bahi Dana-Quince Seeds. In this article, we will read about what is Quince, what is Bahi Dana-Safarjal, the benefits of Bahi Dana-Quince Seeds, and how to use Bahi Dana-Quince Seeds. If you haven’t tried this fruit, yet you should give it a chance. It is full of magical ingredients to improve your overall health. You can say it is a gift of nature.

What Is Quince?

Before getting into any discussion, we first have to know about Quince. Quince is a plant. And its seed is used for many purposes like medicine, etc. People take quince as a powder, jam, and tea. It has numerous uses to improve your overall health.

Quince fruit is used to treat stomach pain, cough, intestinal pain, heart problems, and cough. It is also used as a compress for injuries, painful joints, or deep cuts on the skin.

What Is Bahi Dana-Safarjal?

Bahi is an Urdu name for Quince. And Bahi Dana is Quince Seed. It is also known as Safarjal. It is an ancient fruit that is fully packed with health benefits. Many multiple searches have proven that if it is used on a daily basis, you can improve your gut and all your body health.

Quince Seed is very popular in Asian countries, especially Pakistan. Many people here consume it on a daily basis, as they are aware of the Bahi Dana benefits. It is referred to as ‘Fruit Of Paradise’.

Safarjal belongs to the apple family. It is white from the inside and has a golden peel. It comes in two types; sweet and sour. It is mostly in jam form, which is generally called ‘Bahi Ka Murabba’.

What Are Benefits Of Bahi Dana-Quince Seeds

Benefits Of Bahi Dana-Quince Seeds:

For Immunity:

Our body needs good immunity to function well and fight various diseases. Without a good immunity, humans cannot fight and survive diseases or infections. Bahi fruit is rich in vitamin C. It helps in building good immunity.

It has anti-bacterial properties that prevent the overgrowth of certain bacteria like E. coli and S. aureus.

For Heart:

Quince fruit cures many heart problems. One of the main heart problems is blood pressure. It is caused by a lower level of HDL and a higher level of LDL in the blood. Since the bahi fruit lowers the high LDL and increases the HDL level. It also relaxes the heart and removes chest tightness.

Safarjal has antioxidants like flavanols, that help in reducing inflammation. It also provides protection against chronic diseases and heart disorders.

For Weight Loss:

Quince Fruit is rich in fibre. Fibre aids in weight loss. It keeps you full and makes you less hungry. It is a great weight loss fruit as it is low in fat and calories.

For Digestive System:

Bahi fruit is used as stomach medicine. It is used to treat various stomach disorders. Quince also makes your intestinal walls healthy and strong. The daily use of Safarjal fruit can protect from various types of ulcers and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

Quince is also used to treat acid reflux problems. It not only improves bowel movements, but is also used to treat loose motions because of the high fibre content present in it.

For Pregnancy:

Bahi fruit is very useful for pregnant women. It improves the strength of the mother and prevents the newborn baby from heart disease. It reduces the pregnancy symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Safarjal can also reduce acidity during pregnancy time.

For Cough And Allergies:

Bahi Dana fruit is used to treat various types of allergy symptoms. It suppresses the activity of immune cells that are causing allergic reactions. You can use safarjal along with lemon extract to cure allergies.

Quince fruit is also very useful in treating dry cough. Take quince syrup to treat asthma and runny nose.

For Liver Health:

Bahi dana is widely used to treat liver diseases. Quince is cool in nature, which is great for the liver. It helps in getting rid of radicals that are poisonous to the body and make the liver overwork. When these harmful radicals are removed from the body, the liver works healthily.

How To Use Bahi Dana – Quince Fruit:

The taste of the quince fruit is sour. It cannot be eaten in raw form, rather it is consumed in a cooked form. There are various ways to consume it, some of them are mentioned below:

1.Bahi Dana can be used as marmalade. Cooking it and dipping it in a sugar syrup, can enhance the taste of quince.
2.Safarjal can be used as a snack. Chop the slices of bahi dana, and season them with some coconut oil and coconut sugar. Then bake it. It is a healthy diet snack to be taken after the workout.

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