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Best DIY Air Fresheners. You should make your own air freshener. I know your question is WHY? and here is your answer. Although the market is filled up with hundreds of branded and non-branded air fresheners, there is a need to make your own air freshener. Choosing one right can be tricky and expensive. There are many air fresheners available in the market which contain harsh chemicals and other pollutants which can cause allergies, sensory sensitivities or breathing problems such as asthma. They can be also proven dangerous to pets and small children. Some of them have been deemed as fire hazards which ultimately are life-threatening. There is also the problem of choosing the right scent, some of them are too strong or too weak and most of them are not long-lasting. So here is the solution to this problem; Best DIY Air Fresheners.

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Making your own environment-friendly air freshener that smells inviting, invigorating or calming does not have to be expensive or difficult. Here is a video, in which Amy is creating a DIY air freshener with few simple and fuss-free steps. Just have a loo and try it.

Best DIY Air Fresheners:

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