Best Exercises To Gain Height After Puberty




Best Exercises To Gain Height After Puberty. No doubt! We all want to be tall and beautiful. Height plays an essential role in grooming the personality of an individual. Many people are eagerly desperate to increase height in any way which can be possible. There are many medicines in the market which are available for gaining height. But, these medicines are quite expensive and have different types of side effects. And, no one can guarantee you the success of these pills. In this article, your problem will be solved. Try these best exercises to gain height after puberty.

The question is how exercise helps in gaining height? Proper exercise helps you in toning and strengthening your muscles. It also releases the growth hormone which aids you in height gain. By taking proper diet, these hormones remain fresh and active. This helps in rebuilding them. There are many exercises which help you in weight gaining. You can do these exercises along with proper diet. Therefore, the right and the best way to gain height is naturally.

Best Exercises To Gain Height After Puberty :

It is a known fact that body height is determined by genetic factors. It can be influenced by diet and exercise. In most cases, the growth of height stops when the puberty hits in life. But, for some people, it can be continued to the age of 22-25. So, it is, however, possible to add a few inches to your height by exercising.

I am giving the list of some exercises for having an increase in height. They should be practised 2 to 3 times a week for best results. You should avoid the over-exercising as it can harm the body muscles and can hamper the recovering capacity of the body.

1. Pelvic Shift:

It is an extremely simple exercise. It helps in stretching your body up and down from the spine and also your hips. Firstly, start by lying on your back, place your arms and shoulders firmly on the floor. Then, bend your knees and move your feet close to your buttocks as much as you can. The next step is to arch your back to thrust your pelvis upwards. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. It increases your flexibility.

2. Cobra Stretch:

This exercise stretches your spine and makes it supple and flexible. It is very beneficial for the growth of cartilage in between your vertebrae. It causes an increase in vertical height. Lie on the floor with face down. Arch your spine up. Arch as far as possible.

3. Hopping With One Leg:

It is one of the simplest exercise ever. It can be done anywhere. You can do it during watching TV, playing in the park or doing any other type of work. It is a very simple exercise. Start from hopping on your left leg eight times. Keep your hands up towards the sky. Then repeat it with your right leg in the same way. This type of bouncing activity is very beneficial for brain development, generation growth hormone and strengthening of the leg.

4. Bar Hanging:

Gravity affects your height greatly. Itis one of the best exercises to gain height after puberty. It compresses your spines and joints, resulting in the thinning and squeezing of cartilage. This gives you a shorter appearance. You can combat this problem by simply hanging on a bar. This results in an increase of height from 1 to 2 inches, gradually. A bar should be placed in an area where the body can be moved freely. This can be considered one of the best and efficient exercises in height gaining exercises.

5. Dry Land Swim:

The other name for this exercise is “alternate kick”. It focuses on your lower back. Lay down flat on your stomach. Make sure that your body should be fully extended. Your arm should be straight in front of you facing towards the floor. First, raise left arm then right arm. Same, lift your right leg in the air as far as you can then raise left leg. Remain 4 seconds still in one position, then repeat it with other arm and leg. It will tone your lower back muscles and increase your resistance.

6. Pilates Roll Over:

This is an excellent workout. It helps in stretching your spine. Plus, it provides an added length to the upper body. Moreover, it stretches and lengthens the vertebrae of your neck. This exercise appears difficult t the first but, then it will get easier. The more you stretch yourself, the more will your spine lengthens.

7. Forward Spine Stretch:

Sit straight on a mat with your feet in the front. Extend your arms in the front by exhaling the air in. Then, bend forward and try to touch the tips of the toes. If you can touch your toes, you can stretch even more to make your spine flexed to the maximum extent. Initially, you may find this difficult but, it will get easier gradually.

8. Cat Stretch:

This exercise is also known as “Indian Danwat”. This exercise will open up your spine along with the strengthening of shoulders, chest, palms and back. Basically, this exercise stretches your hamstrings while putting the stress on your stomach. It is also very beneficial for blood circulation.

Placed your hands and knees on the floor. Your arms should be locked out. While flexing your spine down, inhale the air in. Exhale while bringing your spine up in an arched position and your head down. At this position, your spine should be arched.

9. The Bow Down:

Place your hands on your hips and stand straight. Bend forward as far as possible, leading with your head. Don’t forget that never bend your knees and keep your chin away from the chest. Each repetition lasts for 4 to 6 seconds.

10. Sprints:

Sprints help in height gain greatly. It will make a good increase in your height. You should do it regularly and consistently. The intensity and duration should also be increased gradually. It should be combined with a balanced diet for the best results.

11. Wall Stretch:

Stand up against the wall. Reach your hands as high as possible you can. When you are doing so, get on your tiptoes. Keep your spine flat against the wall as much as possible. Each repetition should be one fro 5 to 7 seconds. This stretch is a little bit harder than it looks.

12. Forward Bend:

This exercise is in the list of best exercises to gain height after puberty. Stand straight with your legs wide and apart from each other. Make your hands up straight. Bend down in the forward direction. Touch the floor with your hands. Always remember not to bend your knees. Then, return back into the original position.

♦ » Apart from the exercises given above; Swimming, Rope Skipping and Basketball are the sports which can aid you in height gain to an extreme extent. These sports help in muscle growth by increasing muscle tension. They also increase the focus and blood supply in the body.

These stretching exercises will increase your height if done on regular basis. These exercises along with proper diet will also boost your immunity and facilitate the growth of the body.

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