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Best Foods To Boost Your Memory. Here, you’ll read what foods can boost memory, natural ways to boost memory, and home remedies to improve memory. The brain is the main organ that controls your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our busy lifestyle can disturb our mental health. The foods you eat daily play important role in brain health.

Many of us, ever wonder which foods can boost our memory naturally. Here you can find all the foods that can increase your memory. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats which protects us from many brain diseases. In this article, I will explain to you the best foods to boost your memory.

I think that the loss of memory happens to everyone of different ages. These foods increase your memory and improve concentration. School going children also face memory loss problem. But don’t worry, I will give you information about some foods which boosts your memory.

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-: 13 Best Foods To Boost Your Memory :-

It is scientifically proven that a healthy diet can boost your memory. Now it’s time to read about different foods that can boost your memory.


Almonds have many incredible benefits. It is one of the best foods to boost your memory. They boost our memory, improve the immune system, boost metabolism, cure joint pain, and relax our muscles. Almonds contain fibre, protein, calcium, multivitamins, nutrition. So if you want to stay healthy then eat almonds daily in the evening with milk.

2-Egg yolks:

Egg yolks are full of protein and minerals that are beneficial for brain health. Yolks contain choline which is essential for brain health and memory. They boost your memory and gives help for brain development. If you cannot eat eggs due to having cholesterol, there’s good news for you. Recently studies show that eggs cannot increase your cholesterol level.

3-Green vegetables:

Green vegetables are full of nutrients, vitamins, and fibre. Add green vegetables to your daily diet. Green vegetables reduce inflammation, fight against cancer, improve blood flow, and boost your memory. They boost blood flow to the brain.


Fish has protein, calcium, vitamins and many more benefits which are incredible for overall health. It helps to improve memory and boost blood flow to the brain. Fish not only beneficial for the brain. But also boost your metabolism, stronger bones, hair problems, relax your muscles and many more. So eat fish to stay healthy.


Avocados are rich in vitamin K and folate which protect us from stroke, improve memory and increase concentration. It also has protein and it has less sugar than other fruits. Add avocados to your daily diet and stay healthy.


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants. They have vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre. They protect our brain from stress and brain diseases. It provides oxygen to our brain and controls negative thoughts. Its taste is like candy. Eat it for breakfast daily. If you want to boost your memory.

8- Broccoli:

Broccoli containing both fibre and vitamin C which improve your memory naturally. You may think that its taste is not good and how can I eat it. So don’t worry I will give you the amazing recipe for broccoli soup. Here you go, take some pieces of broccoli and other vegetables like bone broth and capsicum. Boil them. Then add some salt and black paper to taste.

9-Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is full of many benefits. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are beneficial for brain growth and health. It increases your memory and keeps your brain healthy. It provides oxygen to our brain for better functioning.

10-Dark chocolate:

Not all types of chocolates are beneficial for health. But, dark chocolate is useful for boosting memory. Dark chocolate controls high blood pressure and keeps our mood happy. It provides oxygen to the brain for better functioning.

11-Olive oil:

You can say that olive oil is truly brain food. It has anti oxygen and anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for the brain and plays role in brain development. It increases your memory naturally. Use olive oil for cooking for the brain and overall health.


Turmeric is famous for its healing property. This spice has amazing benefits which are useful for many health problems. It cures many internal and external wounds. It provides oxygen to the brain. Add this spice to your all dishes for healthy brain functioning.

13-Bone Broth:

Bone broth boosts your memory, boost your immune system, cure joint pain. Bone broth has fibre, calcium, protein, vitamin d. Eat it in a salad or as you like.

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