Best Makeup Tips For Dark Toned Women




Best Makeup Tips For Dark Toned Women. Doing makeup can be difficult for darkly toned ladies. The makeup for black women starts from searching for the right cosmetics, as the market only carries the makeup for fair-skinned women. Here, you will come to know the Best Makeup Tips For Dark Toned Women. Black women or African-American origin find it difficult to right makeup according to the skin tone. The major problem starts while choosing the right cosmetics according to their skin.

: Best Makeup Tips For Dark Toned Women :

A few years back, there were not any cosmetic company that produce specially for black ladies. Therefore, black-toned ladies do makeup that was made for fair skin. It looked very unnatural to them. But, now there are many brands which are producing makeup products, especially for dark-toned skin.

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The first thing to do the right makeup for yourself is to understand the right tone of your skin. They are also many skin colours in dark women. There are several brown and beige that are related to dark skin tone. Thus, the very first step is to identify your skin tone and undertone. Many black women have a blue undertone, whereas with light skin tone women have a pink or golden undertone.

♦ Foundation:

Once you recognize your skin tone, the next step is to buy a right and perfect cosmetics. Choosing the right foundation is very important in doing makeup. It is one of the best makeup tips for African women. Choose a foundation that perfectly blends on the skin. You can choose a foundation in liquid, gel, cream or stick form. Yellow colour foundation can be best for black women. Before applying the foundation make sure that you have cleaned out your face. Apply foundation with your hands. It will have a great finish on your skin.

♦ Eye Makeup: –

Black women have too many choices for eye makeup. They can choose bold shades like blue, green or violet. If you want some natural look then stick with the neutral shades like brown, copper, pink, etc. Keep your neutral eyeshades light. They should not look odd. If you are looking for party eye makeup or night makeup, try to choose purple, mauve or rich chocolate. wind up your eye makeup by applying liner and mascara.

♦ Blusher: –

Many girls and ladies, do a lot of blunder in doing blushing. The point to ponder is that peach, pink, orange and red blushers are just for fair skin tone skin. As they can barely noticeable on your skin. Black toned ladies should try brown and copper blushes. These can be ver complement with African-American skin tones. The colour like rosy reds can look artificial on black women.

♦ Lip Makeup: –

Lipstick or lip gloss is a must thing while doing makeup. If you are African-American dark toned women, lip gloss will suits you more. Black women have very precise, fuller and bigger lips. So, accentuate your lips much. Line up your lips with a lip liner that is very close to the colour of your gloss or lipstick. Don’t apply dark lip liner than your lipstick because it looks very awful.

I hope that the above given best makeup tips for African women will help many ladies out there. By following these rules, you can look gorgeous and beautiful.

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