Best Way To Cure Haemorrhoids At Home




Best Way To Cure Haemorrhoids At Home. You’ll read the best home remedy for haemorrhoids, causes of haemorrhoids, foods to avoid in piles & bawaseer treatment. Haemorrhoids are also called piles and pissers. These are inflamed tissues that contain blood vessels, a collection of tissues, muscles, and elastic fibres.

Haemorrhoids are a common disease. Almost 50% of people are suffering from this disease. It happens due to constipation, loss of fibre, dehydration, and a sedentary lifestyle. Haemorrhoids are found inside and outside of the anus. Many pregnant women get piles during pregnancy.

You can feel them when you sit down. If you want to get rid of them you need to cure constipation. Constipation is the biggest cause of piles.

Piles discharge blood from the anus, which makes you weak, and lazy and you feel pain in your lower body part. If you want to control this disease, you need to avoid eating and drinking warm foods. Try to eat high-fibre meals like root vegetables, whole grains, cucumber, butter etc.

Symptoms Of Haemorrhoids (Bawaseer):-

Haemorrhoids have many symptoms which include:
1- Discharge of blood when passing stool
2- Feel pain when sitting
3- Anal itching
4- Swelling around the anus
4- Uncomfortable bowel moments

Causes Of Haemorrhoids (Bawaseer):-

Haemorrhoids have many causes which are given below:
2-Lack of fibre in the meal
4-Genetic problem
6-Weight lifting

Prevention From Haemorrhoids:

You can easily prevent haemorrhoids by using these tips; Always stay hydrated, control constipation, and change your lifestyle, such as eat fibre contain meals, exercising, drinking more water, and changing prolonged sitting habits.

During pregnancy, many women lead to piles, but if they change their lifestyle habits they prevent piles.

Types Of Haemorrhoids(Bawaseer):

There are two types of haemorrhoids which are given below;

1-Internal haemorrhoids:-

Internal piles are found on the inner side of the anus. They are swollen venus which tend to bleed. Internal piles are less painful. you can cure them in the beginning, but after that it will become a lifetime disease.

2-External haemorrhoids:-

External piles are more painful than internal piles. Because they are found outside of the canal anus.

Foods To Avoid In Piles:-

There are many foods that can cause haemorrhoids. Have a look. These foods contain less fibre. So it’s best for you to avoid these foods if you are suffering from haemorrhoids.

1- Fast foods
2- Drinking too much tea
3- White bread
4- Meat
5-Cold drinks

Best Way To Cure Haemorrhoids At Home (Bawaseer):-

This remedy is the best home remedy for haemorrhoids. Now, I will give you a very effective home remedy for haemorrhoids. Just one herb can cure piles and this herb is called karinjua. This herb is easily available in the market. It has been used for centuries for the treatment of haemorrhoids.


You need to take 100 grams of karinjua. First, you have to break them and collect the seeds. You can break them with any mechanical tool like a hammer or wrench. The next step is to grind them and make a fine powder. In the last, you have to make tablets from the powder you have made. You can also bring empty capsules from any medical store and fill this powder in them. You can make a tablet by yourself. As I have made in the video. Just add some water to the powder. And make the shape of a tablet with your hands. Divide these tablets into three parts. And use them in the morning before taking breakfast. Do this for three days and see the magical benefits of karinjua herb.

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