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Best Websites For Online Education. It doesn’t matter how much you are skilled and expert in your work. The point to ponder is how much your knowledge in that particular field is progressing with the advancement in world technology. Because each and every field of our society is interlinked with technology. Whether you talk about education, web development, business, office, IT and software, design, marketing, lifestyle, fitness, music, teacher training and many more; In all these fields, there is a need to have a full handover to do your best in each and every walk of life.

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But, how to get an education online? If you want to upgrade your job-related skills, here are some of the world’s best free websites for online education which help you to navigate your desired skill without any hitch. And you may learn whatever you want at any age of your life, even if you are too busy with your job or household. Here, I am putting down some top sites for online education.

Top Best Websites For Online Education:-

The list of best websites for online education is as below:-



Udemy is the best marketplace for online education. It offers a wide range of online courses including design, marketing, lifestyle, photography, music, health, web-development, game-development, language, software, and much more. It is one of the best websites for online education. There are almost 7 million online courses enrolled in more than 30,000 courses and there are 19,000 instructors of various fields. The udemy courses are not credited by any college. The students take courses to improve their job skills. Some courses are free and other costs range from $50 to $100. You can view the former student reviews about the website or a particular program to have an idea to get started in a particular program.



Coursera has a partnership with the leading universities of the United States and with various universities from all around the globe. It has different subjects to be offered. Coursera has a vast diversity, of course, you can choose from; everything from data science to musical theory. There are many courses which are either free or very cheap to take. But others are associated with 20 leading universities with verified certificates as a paid option including specializations.



Lynda is an old site in the name of the best websites for online education. It was founded in 1995. The website is majorly based on video tutorials. More than 80,000 videos on a wide range of different subjects. It is a great option for video learners. Lynda offers only $25 membership per month, which is a very reasonable amount. Learn different software, business, market, and creative skills to achieve your goals in life. The courses are taught by a vast diversity of experts in different fields.

4.General Assembly:-


General Assembly is one of the best websites for online education. It generally focuses on education in design, technology, and business. Their online courses aren’t only ranging in different prices, but also in lectures and multi-part workshops. Lectures with real-time interaction are also present. It has campuses in dozens of countries around the world.



Udacity is the best website for online education in the field of technology with well-crafted courses. Its data science program is very impressive, taught by teachers from companies like Facebook & Salesforce. Udacity offers a paid certification program. It has a monthly subscription. If you quit the program in the middle, you only have to pay up to that point.

6.Khan Academy:-


Khan Academy is a non-profit online education website that offers a vast diversity of online courses. Khan Academy provides both video tutorials to text-based lectures, which make a choice for learners to opt. It offers courses in math, science, economics, computer programming, and humanities. Khan Academy courses for all ages from intermediate to advance level. This website is one of the best websites for online education. Khan academy a free website. You can have a little taste of any particular subject before moving to an advanced level. It mainly focuses on academic subjects. Not only students but teachers and parents can avail of the website too.



Codecademy is a web-based online school for data science and software programming (web-related). It offers a vast range of courses in these fields of education for different age groups. Codecademy teaches people coding. Codecademy is freely available. It includes courses for various numbers of languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, HTTP, Java, etc. The teachers for all the particular courses are very supportive and help their students a lot.


Bloc is the best online education website who has a strong determination to have complete career change. It is somehow expensive. If want a change in your particular job and skill, you may not hesitate to spend it for a good cause. It mainly focuses on web-development. Bloc doesn’t offer short courses. The courses which run from 25 hours per week to several months.


Skillshare is an online marketplace for new skills. There is a broad range of different subjects with online video courses. In-person workshops in San Francisco and New York. Many courses can be taken without membership which costs around $20 to $30. Membership costs $9.95 per month. Skillshare offers top courses taught by industry leaders. For your reference, it provides the student reviews.


Edx is one of the best websites for online education. This online marketplace has got all the subjects that will make your head spin. From a simple essay writing course to a complex course of physics by Einstein and Newton, they have got it all. Their sophisticated search bar is a great help in finding the program just by adding a school, subject, and topic. They have all the courses in almost every field of education. You can find the latest MOOC from the world’s best universities including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT, and others.

“The capacity to learn is a GIFT, the ability to learn is a SKILL, the willingness to learn is a CHOICE.” By Brain Herbert

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