Causes And Symptoms Of Liver Stiffness




Causes And Symptoms Of Liver Stiffness. In this article, you will read about what is stiffness of liver, causes of liver stiffness, symptoms of liver stiffness, and precautions to avoid liver stiffness.

What Is Stiffness Of Liver?

The stiffness of the liver or shrinkage of the liver is called ‘Cirrhosis of the liver’ in medical terms. This disease develops very slowly, but by the time it is diagnosed, it has reached the final stage.

Causes And Symptoms Of Liver Stiffness:

Causes Of Liver Stiffness:

Some of the reasons that cause liver stiffness are given below:

1.Bile Accumulate In Liver:-If there is any kind of obstruction in the bile duct coming out of the liver, the bile continues to accumulate in the liver.

2.Hepatitis B And C:-Sometimes hepatitis B or C virus infection can cause liver stiffness. Hardness does not necessarily occur immediately after infection, but often months and years later.

3.Presence Of Antibodies:-According to the research of the doctors, it has also been proved that certain types of antibodies are present in the blood, due to which the liver may be hardened.

4.Use Of Drugs:-Alcohol is a liver toxin. Its toxic effects affect the liver the most.

5.Various Medication:-There are many medicines that can cause liver cirrhosis with continuous use.

6.Use Of Poultry Foods:-Continuous use of poultry foods can lead to fatty liver. Due to this the number of fats in the liver increases, which causes inflammation in the liver. Liver stiffness can occur due to continuous inflammation of the liver.

7.Presence Of Heart Disease:-Some chronic heart diseases that have been present for many years can lead to liver stiffness.

8.Wilson’s disease:-In Wilson’s disease, copper accumulates more in the brain and liver, which can lead to liver stiffness.

9.Hemochromatosis:-There is a disease in which the body begins to accumulate iron in the liver. It is called hemochromatosis. This disease can also lead to liver stiffness.

Causes And Symptoms Of Liver Stiffness - chart

Symptoms Of Liver Stiffness:

There are two types of symptoms in liver cirrhosis, i.e. General symptoms and Special symptoms, which are as follows:

General symptoms:

1.The weight becomes very low and the patient becomes sluggish and emaciated.
2.There is often a fever.
3.There is a pain in the place of the liver.
4.There is no appetite at all and the patient gets tired with little work.
5.First the liver increases in size and then gradually shrinks.
6.The patient’s spleen also increases.

Special symptoms:

1.The patient’s digestion process is very bad. Often constipated and sometimes has a lot of gas.
2.Accumulation of water in the stomach.
3.High blood pressure in the liver vessels.
4.Thickening of oesophagal vessels and vomiting of blood.
5.Blue blood vessels appear on the stomach due to water filling in the stomach.
6.The skin is dry and the colour of the body becomes yellowish.
7.The patient’s feet are swollen.
8.The skin is often itchy.
9.There may be a lack of masculine abilities in men and cessation of menstruation in women.
10.The symptoms of bloody haemorrhoids and jaundice are also found in most of the patients.

Precautions To Avoid Liver Stiffness:

Patients with liver stiffness should follow the following guidelines.

1.Sedentary lifestyle and salt consumption should be reduced.
2.The use of chilli spices, poultry foods and meat should be completely abandoned.
3.All types of drugs and intoxicants should be completely avoided.
4.Vegetables, other foods, fresh fruits and their juices should be used in daily diet.
5.Stay away from tension and depression. Try to live in an open and airy room.
6.Avoid consumption of eggs and fish.
7.If ever a blood transfusion is required, always use safe, screened standard blood.
8.Avoid taking medicines that have bad effects on the liver without consulting a doctor.
9.Clean and sterile water should always be used.
10.Always keep in touch with your doctor, and follow the instructions given by the doctor.

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