Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss




Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss. In this article, you will read what are the effects of losing weight quickly, how excessive weight loss can cause stress, how diets can cause muscle damage, and how to lose weight in a healthy way.

In the race of having a slim body, we sometimes forget that losing more than 5 kilos a month can create serious health issues. A very significant and too rapid weight loss can indeed have serious repercussions on the body, which are not necessarily seen from the outside.

What Are The Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss?

When it comes to diet, the adage “lose slowly but surely” should be on everyone’s mind.

How excessive weight loss can cause stress?

Change in diet or lifestyle creates stress that destabilizes the body. If someone is on a strict diet, then he can be affected by stress due to a deficiency of required nutrients.

Strong oxidative stress is responsible for the discharge of free radicals in each cell of the body. An additional supply of antioxidants as well as a rebalancing of proteins, lipids, and sugars then quickly become necessary. Especially, the patients who have adopted bad choices of losing weight quickly.

This oxidation of cells is harmful. In particular, it creates premature ageing of the epidermis, but also leads to an imbalance of the intestinal flora as well as a multitude of exchanges and functions of the body.

How diets can cause muscle damage?

Ideally, during a low-calorie diet, we try to preserve the muscles and promote the loss of fat mass. But you should know that the body will first spontaneously draw on muscle and then on fat.

So, in order not to lose too much muscle, it is often advisable to enrich your diet with protein. What is less known is that the type and quality of protein are essential to preserve muscle mass. You have to compensate with proteins, but for this to work, you have to consume proteins with high biological value with essential amino acids.

Without this, patients not only see their muscles melt away, but their muscles will also get weakened and less toned. And, in addition, if a person is doing a lot of sport, he can suffer from a disease called Sarcopenia. It is the gradual loss of muscle mass, strength and function.

Sarcopenia disease creates a modification of the muscle tissue and a reduction in the number of muscle fibres resulting in a loss of strength and a major functional impact.

Dangers Of Rapid Weight Loss - tips

How to lose weight in a healthy way?

First of all, don’t put yourself in danger by trying to lose too much weight too quickly. The only patients who can calmly lose 30 kilos in a year are those who wear gastric bands and are monitored psychologically and medically. Thinking of being able to lose 10 kilos alone in a month, as I sometimes hear, is unconscious to reach this goal. You will inevitably expose yourself to health problems in the more or less long term.

If you are considering a loss of more than 7 or 8 kilos, first consult a nutritionist who will advise you. Then, it is important to choose your foods carefully and to go for those that are rich in Omega 3, lactobacilli (good for the intestinal flora) and organic products. In addition, also intake multivitamin supplements advised by the doctor.

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