Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream




What is the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream? Many women have thoughts about this. It is a very necessary question if you are shopping for some new makeup. BB cream and CC cream are different types of cream in cosmetics. Most people think that these products are the same, but they are wrong. There are many differences between these two creams. Learn Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream. In this article, you’ll read what is bb cream, what is cc cream, what is the difference between BB cream & CC cream.

Main Difference BB Cream And CC Cream:

The main difference between these two creams is:
1- BB cream is all in a facial product. It means you can use it by replacing all your products, like a serum, primer, foundation, moisturizer, and sunblock.
2- Whereas, CC cream is a cosmetic product. It controls redness and swelling on the skin or to hide patches.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream is a cosmetic product that stands for ‘beblesh balm’ or ‘blemish base’. In the western market, it stands for ‘beauty balm’. Western markets have introduced the BB cream but it is mostly sold in Asian markets. By using BB cream, you can get of products like serum, primer, foundation, moisturizer, and sunblock. It is a single tinted moisturizer, and serum as a regular foundation. You can use it under powder, depending on your desired coverage. The BB cream was first introduced by a German dermatologist, Christine Schrammek in 1960. Korean cosmetic companies developed BB cream in the 1980s. Japanese and South Korean are the main markets of BB cream from 1985 and western markets from 2012.

What is CC Cream?

CC cream means ‘colour control cream’ or ‘colour-correcting cream’. CC cream reduces redness and swelling on the face. It basically acts as a concealer. It improves the uneven skin tone. Singapore-based brand Rachel K. had first introduced it in 2010. Other than popular brands of CC cream are Chanel, Loreal, Rachel K, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Clinique, and Olay. Many people think that CC cream gives you coverage, but they are wrong. It only reduces redness and dark spots of the face.

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