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Difference Between A and An. In this article, you will read about the usage of A, usage of An, what is the main difference between A and An, and a comparison between A vs An. They both are used with singular nouns and these words modifies the noun. Both ‘A’ and ‘An’ are used with common nouns. Their usage is same with the sentences.

What Is The Main Difference Between A And An:

The main difference between A and An is that ‘A’ is used with the words that have first letter which have a sound of a consonant. On the other hand, ‘An’ is used with the words that have first letters that have a vowel sound. The vowels are ‘a,e, i,o,u’, all other letters are taken as consonants.

Usage Of A:

‘A’ is used with the nouns that give the consonant sound initially. But sometimes a consonant gives the sound of a vowel, so ‘An’ is used instead of ‘A’.

Examples Of Using ‘A’:

-I saw a monkey in the zoo.
-I read a novel.
-He bought a new car.
-She made a delicious cake.
-She met a Christian girl.

Usage Of An:

‘An’ is used when the nouns give the sound of vowels. Vowels are a, e, i, o, u. Sometimes this rule may deviate as vowels can give sounds like consonants. So, ‘A’ is used instead of ‘An’.

Examples Of Using ‘An’:

-I saw an elephant in the zoo.
-I drive an hour to the airport.
-He is an engineer by profession.
-You should eat an apple daily.
-She ate an orange.

Difference Between A and An - Usage

Confusion In Using A And An:

There are some points to remember in the usage of A and AN.

-When the vowel ‘U’ sounds like ‘Y’, ‘a’ is used instead of ‘An’.
-If the letter ‘H’ is silent at the starting, ‘A’ is not used.
-When ‘EU’ and ‘E’ gives the sound of ‘Y’, then ‘A’ is used.
-‘A’ is also used when ‘O’ sounds like’W’.
-‘A’ is used when the letter ‘U’ sounds like the consonant ‘EU’.

These are the minor difficulties in the usage of ‘A’ and ‘An. If you remember them thoroughly, it will get easier for ypu.

Examples Of Confusion Between ‘A’ And ‘An’:

1st Condition:

When ‘h’ is silent, ‘An’ is used. For example:
-Mr Raza is an honest man.
-Ali will be there in an hour.

2nd Condition:

When vowel ‘a’ makes the sound of consonant ‘w’, ‘A’ is used. For example:
-Take a one glass of milk daily.

3rd Condition:

When the vowel ‘u gives the sound of ‘EU, ‘A’ is used. For example:
-She has a European nationality.

4th Condition:

When the vowel ‘u’ is sounded as ‘y’, ‘A’ is used. For example:
-I go to a university near my house.
-A unicorn is just an imaginative animal.

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