Difference Between Affect And Effect




Difference Between Affect And Effect. In this article, you will get to know about what is affect, what is effect, what is the main difference between affect and effect and a comparison between affect vs effect. This difference is very important to know for the students, that take part in competitive exams. The mistakes of very few English grammars may end up in scoring fewer marks. So, in this article, we will differentiate between these two confusing English words.

What Is The Main Difference Between Affect And Effect:

Difference Between Affect And EffectDifference Between Affect And Effect

Both affect and effect are similar sounding words that makes great confusion. But, they have different meaning and purpose. The words affect and effect are the part of homophones. The main difference between affect and effect is that affect means to influence. On the other hand, effect means the result of some action or other cause.

What Is Affect?

The meaning of the word ‘Affect’ is to make an influence. It is a verb that gives us the meaning of making a difference or an impact on something in any way.

Examples Of Affect:

-Taking extra part in sports affected his studies.
-The medicine will affect his headache for at least half an hour.

What Is Effect?

The meaning of the word “Effect’ is an outcome or result of some action. You can say that it is the reaction to any action.

Difference Between Affect And Effect-what is effect

Examples Of Effect:

-The effects of taking extra part in co-curricular activities are devasting.
-The effects of the medicines are so relaxing for my headache.

Comparison Between Affect Vs Effect:

-Affect is causing the change for any action.
-Effect is the result of that change.

-Affect is a verb.
-Effect is a noun.

-Affect is the action performed.
-Effect is the result of that action.

-Affect is used to put a change on some action or matter.
-Effect is the changed result of that action.

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