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Difference Between Aid And Aide. In this piece of information, you will get to know about what is aid, what is aide, what is the main difference between aid and aide, and a comparison between aid vs aide. Both terms are very confusing because of the same pronunciation. However, there is a significant difference between them.

What Is The Main Difference Between Aid And Aide?

The main difference between aid vs aide is that the:

-Aid means to help or assist people who are in need. It is a verb.

-Aide means a person that helps or assists as an assistant.

Difference Between Aid And Aide - chart

What Is Aid?

Aid is a verb that means to help or assist people who are in need or to achieve something. Other words that can be synonyms for aid are help and assist. Here are some examples that can clear the confusion that how to use this verb.

-Midwife aids the mother in delivering the child.
-Indulge yourself in something new. It can aid you to quit smoking.
-Nurse aided doctors in surgery.

Aid can also be referred to as promoting or encouraging something.

-Healthy diet aids in the better growth of a child.
-Quitting junk food can aid you in lowering your cholesterol levels.

Aid, in some cases, can also be used as a noun. It can also be referred to as financial or material help.

-Alice is paralysed. She walks with the aid of a stick.
-US gave a heavy amount of aid to poor countries.

What Is Aide?

The aide is directly related to aid. The aide is a noun. It means a person that helps or assists. The synonyms of aide can be helper and assistant. This word is not generally used, rather it is used in political or military fields. Here are some examples to remove your confusion regarding this word.

-John worked as a presidential aide in the military for 6 years.
-Werber was his aide to assist in her work.

Comparison Between Aid Vs Aide:

-Aid refers to helping or assisting others.
-Aide is a person that helps and assists.

-Aid is a verb or can be a noun.
-Aide is a noun.

-Aid is a concept of help.
-Aide is a person.

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