Difference Between Amiable And Amicable




Difference Between Amiable And Amicable. In this article, you will read about what is amiable, what is amicable, a comparison between amiable vs amicable, and what is the main difference between amiable and amicable. There are many words in the English language that often have the same meaning, but are used for different purposes. Such two words are amiable and amicable. Let’s differentiate between them.

Difference Between Amiable And Amicable:

Amiable and amicable are the two adjectives having the same meaning. Both means pleasant and friendly behaviour. However, their usage is different. The word amiable is used to describe the person or atmosphere, while Amicable is used to describe the interactions and relationships between people.

What Is Amiable?

Amiable means ‘likeable, good-natured, friendly or agreeable in disposition’. It also means ‘having or presenting a friendly and pleasant manner’. This adjective represents a person with a friendly nature. Professions like sales assistants, receptionists, nurses, flight attendants, etc have friendly nature and are supposed to be amiable. For example:

-She is a kind and amiable young lady from a respected family.
-He had an amiable and warm nature.
-The women who greeted us at the door have an amiable nature.
-I have an amiable conversation with my new neighbours.

What Is Amicable?

Amicable is an adjective that means to show friendly and polite behaviour to avoid any conflict or argument. It is often used to describe the solutions, relations or interactions. In the Oxford dictionary, amicable means ‘friendliness and absence of discord’. Therefore, it is used to describe the interactions or relations that might be unfriendly. For example:

-An amicable divorce is where both parties act friendly at the of divorce rather than have a dispute or fight between them.
-They have an amicable breakup without any guilt or discord.
-Try an amicable solution to this problem.

Main Difference Between Amiable and Amicable:

-Amiable is friendly natured. While amicable is to show friendly behaviour to avoid any conflict.
-Amiable is related to a person. On the other hand, amicable describes relations between people.

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