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Difference Between Apple And Andriod. In this article, you will get to know about what is apple, what is android, what is the main difference between apple and android, and a comparison between apple vs android. Both terms are connected with smartphones. Smartphones are the basic necessity of every individual in today’s world. Let us differentiate between them.

What Is The Main Difference Between Apple And Android:

The main difference between Apple and Andriod is that Apple is a tech company, owned by Steve Jobs. It is one of the biggest companies in the world that produces smartphones and other gadgets. On the other hand, the Android is an operating system for smartphones made by Google.

What Is Apple?


Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It is owned by Steve Jobs. Apple company was founded in 1976. The headquarters of the Apple company are in California. Steve Jobs along with Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak started this company to sell the personal computers that are developed by Wozniak. The sale grew rapidly in the year 1977.

After this, the company hired computer engineers to start and set up the new production line. Apple company goes public in 1980 and since that time, it is getting better and successful year by year. In 2011, Steve Jobs resigned from the company due to severe health issues. And after two months of resignation, he passed away. The new CEO of Apple company is Tim Cook.

The products like iPhone, iPad, Macbooks and iPods are manufactured by Apple. The operating system in Apple phones is known as iOS. Other than this, Apple provides many other services like iOS Apple Store, Mac Store and iTunes.

What Is Android?

Difference Between Apple And Andriod - andriod

Android is the operating system that runs on the smartphones. The android was developed by Google. It is a very useful and best operating system for smartphones. Almost every smartphone company uses Android in their phones, except Apple. Other than the smartphones, the Google has also developed the Andriod version for Smart T.V and smartwatches. There are also some types of Android versions that are being used in digital cameras, personal computers and game consoles.

Google keep updating the version of Android. The latest version to date is ‘Android 11 R’. It was updated in September 2008. Android is very helpful and easy to use than iOS. It comes with many pre-installed applications like Google Play, Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive and much more.

There are about 129.1 million Android users, recorded in 2020. And, about 2.56 million of applications are stored in Google Play Store, according to the statistics of 2021.

Comparison Between Apple VS Android:

-Apple is a tech company.
-Andriod is an operating system.

-Apple is an independent company.
-Android is owned by Google.

-Apple was first introduced in 1980.
-Android was introduced in 2007.

-Apple uses iOS operating system in the phones.
-Android itself is an operating system.

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