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Difference Between Apple And Microsoft. In this article, you will get to know about what is Apple, what is Microsoft, what is the main difference between Apple and Microsoft, and a comparison between Apple vs Microsoft. Both are tech companies and are quite similar. However, there are little differences between them which we will discuss below.

What Is The Main Difference Between Apple And Microsoft?

The main difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple concentrates on the manufacturing of phones and tablets. On the other hand, Microsoft concentrates on the development of its operating system software ‘Windows’ and ‘Office’.

What Is Apple?

Apple is an American Tech Company. Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It is owned by Steve Jobs. Apple company was founded in 1976. The headquarters of the Apple company are in California. Steve Jobs along with Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak started this company to sell the personal computers that are developed by Wozniak. The sale grew rapidly in the year 1977. After this, the company hired computer engineers to start and set up the new production line.

Difference Between Apple And Microsoft - Apple

Apple company goes public in 1980 and since that time, it is getting better and successful year by year. In 2011, Steve Jobs resigned from the company due to severe health issues. And after two months of resignation, he passed away. The new CEO of Apple company is Tim Cook.

The main item of the company is the iPhone. The products like iPad, Macbooks, and iPods are also manufactured by Apple. Other than this, it manufactures various electronics, software, apps, and many other services. The operating system in Apple phones is known as iOS. Other than this, Apple provides many other services like iOS Apple Store, Mac Store, and iTunes.

What Is Microsoft?

Microsoft is an American Tech Company. The headquarters of Microsoft are in Washington. It was founded by Bill Gates in the year of 1975. The company is featured in selling the products like personal computers, electronic gadgets, various software, and other services associated with it.

Difference Between Apple And Microsoft - Microsoft

The service for what Microsoft is famous for is the operating system called ‘Windows. This OS is used in personal computers. Microsoft also develops a collection of various software, called ‘MS Office. It contains various software like MS word is used for making documents and Microsoft PowerPoint is used for making presentations. Other than this, the company also offers products like Skype, Xbox AND Visual Studio, Microsoft Store, Xbox Live, LinkedIn, Bing, and Office 365.

Comparison Between Apple Vs Microsoft:

-Apple has more products.
-Microsoft has fewer products than Apple.

-The operating system of Apple, i.e. iOS is not common and versatile.
-The operating system of Microsoft, i.e. Windows is more common and functional.

-Apple mainly focuses on phones and tablets.
-Microsoft focuses on operating systems and other software.

-The products of Apple are made by themselves.
-Microsoft products are built by different manufacturers.

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