Difference Between Area And Volume




Difference Between Area And Volume. In this article, you will read about what is an area, what is volume, the formula of area, the formula of volume, and the main difference between area and volume.

Difference Between Area And Volume:

In geometry, the two terms are mostly used, that is; area and volume. Area and volume have extensive use in our daily life. Every object or item around us has a particular area and volume. However, we don’t how to measure the area or volume of a particular thing. The main difference between area and volume is that area means the space that is covered by that object and volume means the space that is acquired by that object.

Comparison Between The Area And Volume:

MeaningArea is the space covered by the objectVolume is the space contained in that object
ShapesPlane figuresSolids
Measured inSquare unitCubic unit
Deal with2d shapes3d shapes

What Is Area?

The area is the space covered by any object. It is the measurement of any 2d object. There are various formulas in maths that is used to measure the area of an object or different shapes. In mathematics, we measure the area for having calculations of various objects in our daily life. The area is mostly is used in the field of architecture. The area is also used in engineering and other fields also. You can measure the area of basic things in your life too. Like you can measure the area of your room for the carpet or tiles for that room.

The unit to measure area is meter per square, i-e. m². Area can also be measured in a square centimeter cm², square millimetre mm², square ft ft², and so on. The method of calculating the different shapes is also different. We calculate the area of irregular shapes by breaking down the particular object into regular shapes. Then add the area of all the individual shapes. We can calculate the area of shapes like circle, square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, and trapezoid.

Equation Of Area For Different Shapes:

Area of Square = side × side
Area of Parallelogram = b × h
Area of Triangle = (b × h)/2
Area of Rectangle = l × w
Area of Circle = πr2
l = length
h = height
b = base
w = width
r = radius

What Is Volume?

The measurement for 3d shapes is called a volume. It is also done to know the attribute of that shape. Volume is the space that is carried by that object. The amount of water in a pool or a jug is the volume of that object. Volume is used to know the capacity of any object. If you want to know the capacity of the pool, you will calculate the volume of that shape.

Difference Between Area And Volume - What is volume

The unit to measure the volume is meter cube i-e. m³. The formulas are different for every shape. You can calculate the volume of shapes like cube, cuboid, cone, sphere, and prism. The pi (π) is used in the formula.

Equations Of Volume For Different Shapes:

Volume of Rectangular Prism = l × w × h
Volume of Cube = A3
Volume of Cylinder = π × r2 × h
Volume of Cone = π × r2 × (h/3)
Volume of Sphere = (4/3) × π × r3
l = length
w = width
r = radius
h = height
a = edge

Main Differences Between Area and Volume:

-The Area is space covered by the object, While, the Volume is the capacity of an object.

-Area is measured in metre square, on the other hand Volume is measured in meter cube.

-First is for 2d and planar shapes. The second is for Solid and 3d shapes or figures.

-m² for Area and m³ for Volume.

-Area is easy to measure, and Volume is harder to measure.

-Shapes with length and width have Area. Shapes with length, width, and height have Volume.

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