Difference Between BIOS Bin and BIOS Exe




Difference Between BIOS Bin and BIOS Exe. In this article, you will read about what is the difference between bios bin and bios exe, what is bios bin file, what is bios exe file, why should we update the bios, types of bios files, and much more.

What is BIOS?

Bios is installed on a computer or laptop when the system is dead. It is a computer program that starts the system on the PC. Bios is very important for the computer system. It is an integral part of the computer. All the data flow in pc is managed by the Bios.

The Bios is installed on the EEPROM chip mounted on the motherboard. You can repair a dead laptop by just installing new bios. The dead laptop will surely start to work again after installing new bios. You just have to program the EEPROM ic by the help of programmer with a bios bin file. This will also unlock the password of the laptop. Here, you will get to know the difference between BIOS bin and BIOS exe.

The Bios consists of various instructions that a computer system uses to perform different tasks. Like whether to boot from the hard drive or network. Bios identifies and configures the hardware components of the PC, like hard drive, optical drive, floppy drive, CPU, memory, etc.

Why Should We Update The BIOS?

If you want your system up to date, you should also keep updating new bios. The update will enhance and change the various features of the computer system software. It will also provide security updates. This update will also increase the stability of the PC. It is updated manually not automatically.

Types Of BIOS Files

There are two types of BIOS. which are as under:

1.BIOS bin

2.BIOS exe

What is the difference between BIOS bin and BIOS exe?

BIOS exe:

Laptop’s official websites have these bios exe. files free of cost. You can download these files from there. Like Hp laptop bios exe file can e downloaded from the Hp official website. Bios exe files are in Window format. Systems Bios can be updated through exe files while running your operating system.

BIOS bin:

Computer bios can be updated through bios exe. ut, if your PC is dead; there is no other of installing new bios through a programmer. For this, you need a Bios Bin file to update the bios. You will write the Bios Bin file on the EEPROM chip through a programmer. You can also get the Bin files from the various websites and from copying it from the latest motherboard too.


Old laptops like 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation, we can use copied bios on these laptops. The copied bios work perfectly on these laptops. The least we only have to clean ME region while copying the bios on some laptop models. but, a new laptop like 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th generations do not work with copied bios. By taking the old bios and serail number of the particular laptop, we can generate the new Bios by using the Intel Engine Firmware Analysis Tool, ME analyzer, UEFI tools, etc. This newly generated bios will only work for one laptop.


You can extract various regions from Bios Bin files like ME region, Bios region, Description region, etc. This can be done by using various tools such as Intel Engine Firmware Analysis Tool, ME analyzer, UEFI tools, etc.


The summary is the difference between bios bin and bios exe is that bios exe can be installed while running the operating system and bios bin cannot e install on the running system. It is installed on a dead laptop through a programmer. You can download the bios files from the link below.


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