Difference Between Boarding And Lodging




Difference Between Boarding And Lodging. In this article, you will come to know about what is boarding, what is lodging, what is the main difference between boarding and lodging, and a comparison between boarding vs lodging.

Both terms are connected with accommodation. Some people often use them interchangeably. However, there is a significant difference between boarding and lodging. So, we will first know the difference between boarding and lodging and then explain the difference in detail.

What Is The Main Difference Between Boarding And Lodging?

The main difference between boarding and lodging is that the:

-Boarding provides accommodation along with meals. The boarding houses in schools can be an example.

-Lodging provides only accommodation, not meals. The lodges for tourists and travellers can be an example.

Difference Between Boarding And Lodging - Chart

What Is Boarding?

A place where you get accommodation and regular meals on payment is referred to as boarding. Hostels and boarding houses in schools provide accommodation and meals. The students that came from distant places live in boarding houses for completing their education and living purposes. Boarding is a permanent or long stay at any place. According to Oxford Dictionary, boarding means;

“The arrangement according to which pupils live at school during term time”.

The other usage of boarding is the phrase ‘boarding a plane’, where you will find accommodation and food as well.

What Is Lodging?

A place that provides accommodation for a short stay and does not provide food is referred to as a lodge and the term to live in the lodge is known as lodging. For example, spending a night in a hotel room. You will pay for shelter, security, and comfort the lodge or hotel has provided to you. Lodging is a short stay at any place.

Comparison Between Boarding Vs Lodging:

-Boarding provides meals and accommodation.
-Lodging only provides accommodation.

-Boarding is mostly used by students.
-Lodging is mostly used by travellers and tourists.

-Boarding is a longer stay.
-Lodging is a short stay.

-Hostels, boarding schools, and boarding houses are some examples of boarding.
-Hotel, guesthouse, and motel are some examples of lodging.

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