Difference Between Breathing And Respiration




Difference Between Breathing And Respiration. In this article, you will read what is breathing, what is respiration, and what is the main difference between breathing and respiration. All living being needs oxygen to survive. We get oxygen from the air. These two words are not synonyms. They have a significant difference between them.

Difference Between Breathing And Respiration:

When we inhale the oxygen in our body, it is called breathing. We breathe via our nose or mouth. The oxygen is then converted into energy for all the metabolic reactions and processes in our body. The main difference between breathing and respiration is that inhaling the oxygen is called breathing while breaking down oxygen into glucose and producing the energy in the form of ATP is called respiration. This energy is used to functions the processes of the body.

What Is Breathing?

Difference Between Breathing And Respiration - what is breathing

Moving air in and out of our lungs is called breathing. Every living being breathes air and oxygen. Breathing is the exchange of gases between the cells and the environment. We inhale the oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Breathing involves the body structures like the nose, windpipe and lungs. No energy is produced during the breathing process.

Throughout the day, we breathe again and again. Inhales the oxygen, which enters our lungs. Then this oxygen is passed to the blood and reaches the tissues via circulatory system. When we exhale the air out, it is carbon dioxide. It is excreted as a waste.

What Is Respiration?

Difference Between Breathing And Respiration - what is respiration

Respiration is the chemical process that takes place in the cell. When we breathe the air into our lungs, it is passed to the cells by the blood. The breakdown of glucose happens in the cells, eventually resulting in the production of energy called ATP. Then the energy is used to carry out the processes in our body. There are various types of respiration aquatic respiration, apnea, buccal pumping, gas exchange, dyspnea, arterial blood gas respiration and many more.

When the process of respiration ends, three things are formed, that are carbon dioxide, water and ATP. Carbon dioxide is released out of the body as waste. And ATP is used for the body processes.

Main Difference Between Respiration and Breathing:

-Breathing is inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Respiration is the process in which ATP molecules are produced as a result of breathing.

-No energy is produced in breathing. ATP molecules are produced in respiration.

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