Difference Between Calcium And Vitamin D




Difference Between Calcium And Vitamin D. Calcium and Vitamin D appears to be similar terms, but they are not. There is a great difference between calcium and vitamin D. In this article, we will talk about what is the difference between calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D are both very important for our body in building strong bones and dense bones as you get older.

Difference Between Calcium And Vitamin D:

What is Calcium?

Calcium is a mineral that is essential for our body and life. A diet full of calcium helps us too build strong bones and protect them. Calcium also makes our blood to clot, enable the muscle to contract and heart to beat. Our teeth and bones have 99% of calcium of our body.

We lose calcium on a daily basis. So we need calcium to meet our daily requirements, otherwise, it will take from our bones; which is not a good thing. It will make our bones weak and easy to break.

Difference Between Calcium And Vitamin DDifference Between Calcium And Vitamin D - Chart
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Sources of Calcium:

The best source of calcium is food. The list for calcium-rich food is as under:

– Milk

– Yoghurt

– Cheese

– Green vegetables

– Fresh Juices

– Soymilk

– Cereals

– Dry fruits

– Bread

– Eggs

Calcium Supplements:

You can also use calcium supplements to meet your daily need for calcium. If you get enough calcium do not take supplements. Try to get supplements in a small amount of calcium rather than more calcium. As a calcium supplement can cause gas and constipation.

It will depend on your diet that if you need a calcium supplement or not. Try to get your daily calcium from food.

What is Vitamin D?

As like calcium, it plays an important role in protecting your bones. But, Vitamin D absorbs calcium to make this happen. This the main difference between calcium vs vitamin D. Not only this but vitamin D also gives support to the muscle to avoid any fails. Both children and adults need vitamin D to make their bones strong and healthy.

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Sources of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D can get from three sources:

– Sunlight:- Skin makes vitamin D in reaction to sunlight and absorbs it in the fat of the body.

– Food:- Fatty fishes, Milk, Other dairy products, Cereals, Orange juice, Soymilk, Eggs.

– Supplements:- Prescribed supplements from the doctor before taking them.

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