Difference Between Centrosome And Centriole




Difference Between Centrosome And Centriole. In this article, you will read about what is centrosome, what is centriole, what is the main difference between centrosome and centriole, and the comparison between centrosome vs centriole. A living cell is composed of many components. Two components centrosome and centriole are the terms that sound similar and confusing. They both are organelles but have a difference between them.

Difference Between Centrosome And Centriole:

The main difference between the centrosome and centriole is that centriole is part of the centrosome. The centrosome is a whole complex in itself. There are two centrioles in each centrosome that is present at a right angle to each other. They participate in the development of the spindle fibers in the cell. The centrosome lies close to the nucleus in the cytoplasm, which plays an important role in cell division.

Difference Between Centrosome And Centriole - what is centrosome - what is centriole

What Is Centrosome?

A centrosome is an organelle in the cell. It organizes all the microtubules in the animal cell. It has two centrioles that are arranged in an orthogonal manner. These centrioles are surrounded by an amorphous mass called PCM (Pericentriolar Material). This mass anchors microtubules by microtubule nucleation.

The centrosomes do the metazoan lineage of the eukaryotes. The reason that plant and fungal cells don’t have posture is that they lack centrosomes. The spindle of the plant is formed freely without any centrosomes in them.

What Is Centriole?

A centriole is a cylindrical structure that is present in a centrosome. There are two centrioles in every centrosome; the mother and a daughter centrioles. It is made up of tubulin protein. They are found in pairs in eukaryotic cells and are arranged in an orthogonal manner to each other. The structure of a centriole is made up of nine triplet microtubules. They are assembled in a cylindrical structure. During the interphase and spindle apparatus cell division, the centrioles form faster than normal.

Function Of Centriole:

A centriole is a microtubule unit that makes up the centrosome. The main task of the centriole is that it organizes the microtubules in the cytoplasm, as it forms the spindle apparatus and cilia during the cell division. During cell division, the centrioles are self-replicated. The centrioles organize the mitotic spindle to complete the cytokinesis.

In sperm cells, the centrioles also play an important role. Centrioles form the flagellum in the sperms cells. With the help of this flagellum, sperm swim to the egg. It helps in the development of the embryo. Before the replication of DNA, the cells have two centrioles. The older one is the mother centriole and the new one is the daughter centriole. They self replicates during the process of cell division, while the duplicate one moves to the proximal ends.

Main Difference Between Centrosome And Centriole:

-Centriole is the part of the centrosome.
-Centrosome is made up of two centrioles.
-Centrioles are arranged in an orthogonal manner in the centrosome.
-Centrosome forms the spindle apparatus during the cell division.

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