Difference Between Coal And Charcoal




Difference Between Coal And Charcoal. In this article, you will read about what is coal, what is charcoal, the comparison between coal vs charcoal, and what is the main difference between coal and charcoal. Coal and charcoal are forms of carbon. However, there are some properties that differentiate one from the other.

Difference Between Coal And Charcoal:

Many people got confused between the words coal and charcoal. The main difference between coal and charcoal is that coal is a natural mineral, while charcoal is a man-made mineral.

What Is Coal?

Difference Between Coal And Charcoal - What is coal

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Coal is a natural mineral. It doesn’t need to be produced. It occurs under the crust of the earth. Coal is a naturally occurring mineral in the earth’s core. According to some theories, Coal is formed by the remains of animals and plants. They get decayed thousands of years before when exposed to heat and pressure. This theory states that hydrocarbons were produced when plants and animals were exposed to high temperatures.

Uses Of Coal:

Coal is used to generate electricity.

It is used in steel and cement factories or plants.

Steam coal is used in power plants.

Coal is used to give power to turbines for the generation of electricity.

What Is Charcoal?

Difference Between Coal And Charcoal - What is charcoal

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Charcoal is also a natural form of carbon but it is a man-made mineral. It goes through a process for its preparation. For its preparation, the wood is burned under low oxygen levels. Then it turns into ash and the fire got extinguished.
Charcoal is the powder form of carbon. It is only 25% of its original state. The formation of charcoal takes a lot of time. Along with wood other components like methane, tar and hydrogen also get burned.

Uses Of Charcoal:

Charcoal can absorbs many toxins from the gases.

It is used in making gas masks as charcoal absorbs toxins.

Used in the production of cosmetics.

It is used in health applicants as activated charcoal.

Charcoal is used in cholesterol-reducing products.

It is used for teeth whitening.

Main Difference Between Coal and Charcoal:

-Coal is natural. Charcoal is man-made.
-Coal is used on large scale as an industrial appliance. While charcoal has very small usage.

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