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Difference Between CT Scan and MRI. In this article, you’ll read What is ct scan, what is MRI, & what is the main difference between ct scan and MRI. Both are the famous medical techniques for diagnosing the injuries or to look inside the body of a patient for depth in analysis. Many people get confused about these two techniques because of the use of similar machinery and lack of knowledge. They are totally different and used for different purposes.

Main difference between CT Scan and MRI:

The main difference between the CT Scan and MRI is:

CT Scan uses radio waves for diagnosing bone injuries, internal injuries, diagnosing chest and lung issues.

MRI uses a strong magnetic field for diagnosing the soft tissue of the body and soft internal organs. Iy also identifies the tumours in the body as well.

What is the CT Scan?

CT Scan stands for Computed Axial Tomography. It is a technique in the medical field for treatment and diagnoses. CT Scan is used to examine injuries inside the body, diagnose injuries in the bones, and diagnose issues and problems in the chest. It is a very famous technique all around the world for examining the body and identifying bony injuries. This technique uses x-rays and radioactive rays to do so. It is used carefully by the professional and well-trained staff. It is also used to identify cancer in the body. CT Scan does not take much time, as it is a very quick process.

Difference Between CT Scan and MRI - Ct scan
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The CT Scan is done only in 30 seconds and the patient is free in 5 minutes. As exposure to the radioactive rays can be harmful to the patient. It is cheaper than MRI and other high-level diagnosing techniques.

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What is MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imagining. As like CT Scan, it is also a worldwide diagnosing technique. It is used to examining and diagnosing the internal soft organs and soft body tissue. It is also used to detect the tumours and blockages in the patient body. MRI is best from other techniques of diagnosing and give the edge to rest of all techniques. MRI does not have any side effects and it also not emit harmful radiations.

Difference Between CT Scan and MRI - MRI
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Till now no biological effect of MRI is detected. Only liver and kidney patients could suffer from some rashes due to the use of dyes in the process. It is a time-consuming and long process as compared to CT scan and X-ray. It can take more than 30 minutes.

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