Difference Between DNS And VPN




Difference Between DNS And VPN. In this article, you will learn what is DNS, what is VPN, what is the main difference between DNS and VPN, and a comparison between DNS vs VPN. Some might think that they are related to each other because they both have a connection with the IP (internet protocol). But, you are wrong, they are totally unrelated to each other.

What Is The Main Difference Between DNS And VPN:

The main difference between DNS and VPN is that the DNS is a ‘domain name system’ that translates the domain name into an IP address. On the other hand, VPN is a ‘virtual private network;’ that hides your original IP address and reroute the internet traffic.

What Is DNS?

Difference Between DNS And VPN - what is dns

DNS stands for ‘Domain Name System’. It is also known as a domain name service or domain name server. It is an internet service that translates the name of the domain into the IP address. The domain names are very sophisticated and can be remembered easily. On the other hand, the internet is totally based on IP Addresses. It means every domain has its IP address that is translated by DNS. For example; the domain name is www.example123.com and its translated IP address is 192.765.987.0.

What Is VPN?

Difference Between DNS And VPN - What is vpn

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network‘. VPN reroutes the internet traffic and hides the IP address. In a VPN, the websites can’t see your location or original IP. VPN works on the operating system level. This means it reroutes all the coming traffic, whether it is from a browser or any background app.

VPN encrypts the traffic between the internet and a device. It provides you with high online privacy and security. VPN protects you from website tracking, government surveillance, and hacker that want to intercept your data or device. It protects you by your ISP and third parties. Other than privacy and protection, VPNs can be used for other purposes too.

Comparison Between DNS Vs VPN:

-DNS stands for ‘Domain Name System’.
-VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’.

-DNS translated the domain into an IP address.
-VPN gives you security by hiding your IP address.

-DNS does not encrypt data.
-VPN encrypts your data.

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