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Difference Between Dual And Duel. In this article, you will come to know about what is dual, what is duel, what is the main difference between dual and duel, and a comparison between dual vs duel.

The English language is quite mysterious when it comes to words that sounds and look similar. There are two such words that sound the same but are written in different ways and have different meanings. These words are Dual and Duel. These types of words are known as homophones. Homophones are those words that sound the same and have the same pronunciation but have a different meaning. It can be quite difficult for non-native English speakers.

What Is The Main Difference Between Dual And Duel?

The main difference between dual and duel is that the:

-Dual refers to the two parts or double item or any object.

-Duel means any fight between two people using swords and guns that is prearranged.

Difference Between Dual And Duel - chart

What Is Dual?

Dual refers to the two parts or double item or any object. It is an adjective. Any two elements, two parts, or two components can be taken as dual. The word dual is derived from the Latin word ‘dualis’, which means two.

The synonyms for dual are double and twofold. For example, when a person has the nationalities of two countries, we say that he has dual citizenship. We use dual to describe many situations. Like:

-My smartphone has a dual camera.
-He is playing a dual role in the film.
-Maria has dual citizenship in England And Australia.

What Is Duel?

Duel means any prearranged fight between two people using swords and guns. In ancient times, this fight is arranged with matched weapons between two people agreeing to the rules of the game.

The purpose of playing duel is based on the code of honor and it was fought to settle down the point of honor. The duel is not popular nowadays. But, this word is present in the dictionary. In today’s English, Duel is referred to as any verbal contest between two parties, but not a fight with weapons.

To understand the word ‘Duel’, consider these examples;

-He fought a duel to defend his sister’s honor.
-The political duel between Jhonson and Lewis has reached its peak.

Comparison Between Dual Vs Duel:

-Dual means double or two.
-Duel means armed combat between two people.

-Dual is an adjective.
-Duel is a noun.

-Dual word is spoken in today’s English.
-Duel word is not spoken in today’s English.

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