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Difference Between eBay and Amazon. Today, we will talk about what is eBay, what is Amazon, a comparison between eBay vs Amazon, what is the main difference between eBay and Amazon, and much more. It is an era of technology and the internet. You can do anything with only just one click. Likewise, you can go shopping by just sitting at home. For online shopping, there are many websites.

Difference Between eBay And Amazon:

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The two biggest websites for online shopping are eBay and Amazon. The main difference between the two is that eBay first was an auction company and Amazon sells products at a fixed price.

What is eBay?

eBay is an American based company and an eCommerce website. Its headquarters are in San Jose. The company was established in 1995. Firstly, it was an auction web. But now you can buy things instantly along with the auction-style option. It ships products all around the world. Buyers can buy things and sellers can sell things here.

There are various categories and subcategories of various products to make your online shopping easy. There are the electronic section, fashion section, health and beauty section, food section, household section, etc. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, skincare products, electronics, gadgets, household items and much more. There are also discount on various items from different categories. The prices of products are low as compared to Amazon.

What Is Amazon?

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website. People can buy everything from there. You can purchase whatever you want by just sitting at home. You can buy everything from there like clothing items, household items, food items, camping gear, and much more.

You can select your desired item from the category list. Every category has more sub-categories, where you can find your desired item. You can write your item name in the search box. After the purchase and delivery of the item, you can rate and write reviews about the product. You can also buy things by reviewing the comments of old buyers of a particular product.

Amazon gives free shipping to the customer, who own amazon prime. Amazon prime is a media service by Amazon. You can watch various TV shows and documentaries there. This website also offers a virtual assistant called Alexa. With the help of Alexa, you can search for anything. You can control the lights and doors of your home. Amazon also offers Kindle books for young people, where you can find millions of books online.

Main Difference Between eBay and Amazon:

-Amazon sells items at a fixed price, but eBay sellers can sell the items in auction-style.
-The Amazon has 237 million active users and eBay has 70 million users.
-Amazon has also other services other than the eCommerce website.

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