Difference Between eBay And Etsy




Difference Between eBay And Etsy. In this article, you will get to know what is eBay, what is Etsy, what is the main difference between eBay and Etsy, and a comparison between eBay vs Etsy. There are many websites for online shopping. From where you can buy all the things of daily usage like clothes, foods, electronics, gadgets.

Difference Between eBay And Etsy:

The two biggest online shopping websites are eBay and Etsy. The main difference between eBay and Etsy is that Etsy is an online shopping website where you can find all the items made at home, while at eBay, you can buy everything from high-end brands to local brands.

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What Is eBay:

eBay is an American-based company and an eCommerce website. Its headquarters are in San Jose. The company was established in 1995. Firstly, it was an auction web. But now you can buy things instantly. It ships products all around the world. Buyers can buy things and sellers can sell things here. There are various categories and subcategories of various products to make your online shopping easy. There are the electronic section, fashion section, health and beauty section, food section, household section, etc. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, skincare products, electronics, gadgets, household items, and much more. There are also discount on various items from different categories.

What Is Etsy?

It is an eCommerce and online shopping website. Here you can buy homemade and handmade collections. It also offers vintage collectibles older than 20 years ago. The items include bags, jewellery, decor, toys, and furniture. The seller has to create a shop to sell his products. And every time he posts his item, he will be charged $0.20. The items stay on the site for four months and then it disappears. The website takes 5% of the price of the item. The bill of the collected commission of the website is sent to the seller. He can pay the bill through a credit card, debit card, or Paypal account. Before buying, the buyer can see the reviews of an item given by the other buyers.

Main Difference Between eBay and Etsy:

-Etsy has handmade products, while eBay has all the products of daily lifestyle.
-Seller has to give 5% of every purchase to the website. In eBay, there is no such condition.

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