Difference Between ECommerce And EMarketing




Difference Between ECommerce And EMarketing. In this article, you will get to know about what is E-Commerce, what is E-Marketing, and what is the main difference between E-Commerce and E-Marketing. Hence, both E-Commerce and E-Marketing sound the same, but they differ from each other.

Difference Between ECommerce And EMarketing:

The main difference between E-Commerce and E-Marketing is that E-Commerce means, electronic selling or buying any item online via the internet. On the other hand, E-Marketing is marketing or enhancing the sales of the product through websites, online resources and online tools or apps.

Difference Between E-Commerce And E-Marketing - what is e-commerce - what is e-marketing

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What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce refers to electronic commerce. It means that electronic selling or buying any item online via the internet. If you a computer, an internet connection and any means to pay online for purchase items can do E-commerce.

There are three types of E-Commerce. These are business to business, business to consumer and consumer to consumer.

B2C E-Commerce:

The B2C type of E-Commerce is selling goods, items, and various services to online stores or to individual customers. You can take an example of an Appleā€™s website. It is a B2C website. If we have to purchase an iPhone, we can order directly from the website, instead of going to the retail store.

E-retail is also a type of B2CeCommerce. E-retail means, electronic retail. In this type of eCommerce, the business uses a website to sell its products. A customer who is willing to buy the items visits their online store. The product detail is given like description, price, images and product detail. The customers add the items to the cart. After purchasing all the desired items, he goes to the cart, enters his shipping detail and within a few days item will be delivered.

C2C E-Commerce:

-The second type of e-commerce is C2C eCommerce. In this eCommerce, the consumer sells the product directly to another consumer, like an online auction. The buyer will bid on the item selling by the other person. The highest bidder will buy the product. For example, eBay is a very popular online auction website. And you can pay through credit or debit cards and via online accounts like PayPal or Payoneer.

B2B E-Commerce:

-Mostly eCommerce is done between business to business. It is also called B2B e-commerce. In this type of eCommerce, one business sells the items to the other business, Some examples of B2B E-commerce are; a tyre manufacturer will sell its merchandise to the car manufacturers. Or the wholesalers will sell their products to the retailers at wholesale price.

What Is E-Marketing?

E-Marketing is known as Electronic Marketing. It is a path to promote and sell your product online. In E-Marketing, a product is marketed through online services, like websites, tools, and resources. The best example of E-Marketing is Google Adwords. It is the best and authentic source to promote your business or product. It targets the right people for the required product.

The main purpose of E-Marketing is to increase the awareness and engagement of customers related to the product. Different online platforms are being used to enhance the sales of the business and product. E-Marketing can be done through blogs, social media sites, banners, online ads, direct e-mail campaigns and much more.

Main Difference Between ECommerce And EMarketing:

-E-commerce refers to as ‘Electronic Commerce’.
-E-marketing refers to ad ‘Electronic Marketing’.

-E-commerce is the buying and selling of products online.
-E-marketing is enhancing the sales of the products or business through online services and tools.

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