Difference Between Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring




Difference Between Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring. Here you will read about what is engagement ring, what is wedding ring, what is the main difference between engagement ring and wedding ring, and their comparison. Many people think that both of these are similar but are used for different purposes.

Difference Between Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring:

There are many customs and traditions that are followed in the world during the matrimonial happenings. Exchanging rings during these events is a universal thing. There are engagement rings and weddings ring designed for the particular ring. The main difference between them is that engagement rings are given during the engagement ceremony, while wedding rings are for weddings.

Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring- what is engagement ring - what is wedding ring

What Is Engagement Ring And Its Use:

When a guy proposes to the girl, he gives her an engagement ring. The ring can be a diamond ring or a precious gemstone ring. The girl wears the ring till the time of her marriage. The engagement ring is a sign that a girl has been taken and not available for marriage.

Engagement rings are more formal and expensive the wedding rings. Because it proves the wealth of a man. The expensive the ring is; the riches is the groom. It means that he can take care of the bride and can give all the luxuries of life. Engagement rings are more extravagant than wedding rings.

What Is Wedding Ring And Its Use:

A wedding ring is worn by the couple when they get married. A wedding ring is simple than an engagement ring. It actually likes a simple band ring with little stones on it. This ring indicates the promise of everlasting closeness. Both the groom and bride wear wedding rings. But, most women wear the wedding ring along with an engagement ring. It shows that woman is married now.

The types of rings may vary. It is up to your choice that which type of ring you want. It might be one stone ring or two stones. It is your day, your ring, just choose according to your taste. Some people keep their rings safe to pass on to their children

Main Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring:

-Enagagement ring is only worn by women. While wedding ring is worn by both men and women.
-Wedding is simple than an engagement ring.
-Engagement ring is more expensive than a wedding ring as it has big stones and gems on it.

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