Difference Between Etiquette and Netiquette




Difference Between Etiquette and Netiquette. In this article, you’ll read what is etiquette, what is netiquette, & what is difference etiquette and netiquette. These two words look very similar and sound similar too. And, also point towards the same action. They are a bit confusing. What is the difference between Etiquette and Netiquette? In this article, you will come up with a significant difference between Etiquette and Netiquette.

What does the word Etiquette mean?

‘Etiquette’ means the manners and social requirements needs for good social behaviour. The origin of the word ‘Etiquette’ is from French. Etiquette is manners that we use in the real world. These manners and ethics should be used in community or family gatherings, any event or festival. These manners are the set of codes of ethical behaviour. You can also use them having communication with someone in your profession.

In simple words:

1. Etiquette is behaving with people who are elder than you, in a proper and good manner.

2. These manners are for the member of our society and community.

3. Example. “The people have strict notions of etiquette and gradations of rank.”

4. Synonyms. —- protocol, polite behaviour, good manners, manners, acceptable behaviour, accepted behaviour, proper behaviour, code of behaviour, rules of conduct/behaviour, decorum, form, good form

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What does the word Netiquette mean?

‘Netiquette’ is also referred to as manners. These manners and ethics are used on the internet. It origins from the blend of Net and Etiquette. It is the combination of the internet and etiquette. You can also take it as internet etiquette. Netiquette is the code of behaviours, that people use and while using the internet. It is an ethical conversation and behaviour of people when they are online. The word netiquette is used only for internet usage, which includes, websites, email, instant messaging FTP, chat rooms, newsgroups, and message boards.

In simple words:

1. Netiquette is replying someone online or on the internet without being rude to them.

2. These manners and ethics are for people on present on the social network.

3. Example. “Online social networkers must adhere to the rules of netiquette.”

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