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Difference Between Ever And Never. In this article, you will come to know about what is ever, what is never, what is the main difference between ever and never, and a comparison between ever vs never.

English is sometimes a very mysterious language. It has some words and phrases that seem to be alike or sound alike. Two such words are ever and never. Both terms sometimes create a lot of confusion. Both are adverbs that have opposite meanings. The difference lies in terms of their usage.

What Is The Main Difference Between Ever And Never?

The main difference between ever and never is that the:

-Ever is used in interrogative sentences.

-Never is used in simple statements.

Difference Between Ever And Never - chart

What Is Ever?

Ever is an adverb that is used in interrogative sentences. It can be used in general sentences or statements. It is used directly before the main verb and between the modal and infinitive verb. There are various meanings of ever like at any time, always, and very increasingly. It also means all the time, continuously, any possible time, and by any chance. For example;

-All the time or always: Ali is ever ready to help the needy.
-At any time: Have you ever been to an airport.
-Increasingly: Alice is ever so friendly.
-Continuously: He started to play cricket at four and has been playing ever since.
-At any possible time: Have you ever heard something like this?
-By any chance: How John can ever do this to me?

What Is Never?

Never is also an adverb. It is opposite to ever and used directly to the main verb. But, it is used in between the modal and infinitive verb. It means not ever, not at all, and to no degree. For example:

-Not ever: I have never been to Paris.
-Not at all: This experiment will never work.
-To no degree: He is never going to university, no matter what.

Point To Ponder:

Ever and Never are antonyms. We can use them interchangeably by using different forms of sentences to get the overall meaning. For example:

-Don’t ever stop breathing —-> Never stop breathing.
-This is the worst food I have ever eaten —-> I have never eaten such a worse food.

Comparison Between Ever Vs Never:

-Ever refers to always or at any time.
-Never refers not ever or not at all.

-Ever is mostly used in interrogative sentences.
-Never is mostly used in simple statements.

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