Difference Between Filtration And Decantation




Difference Between Filtration And Decantation. In this article, you’ll read about what is filtration, what is decantation, what is the main difference between filtration and decantation, and much more. We will remove all types of confusion related to these two terms.

Difference Between Filtration And Decantation:

There are different methods to purify the water so that we can drink it. Filtration and decantation are two of them. These are the major methods of cleaning the water. The main difference between the two is that we use a medium to filter the water and in decantation, there is no such use of any medium

What Is Filtration?

Filtration is referred to as the process of filtering and cleaning. Usually, liquid material like water or other liquid substances is used to purify by this process. In this process, we use some types of layers of different materials and types to filter the liquid substance. Filtration can be done biologically, mechanically, or physically. We will understand the process of filtration from the examples below.

Example 1:

The first example is biological filtration. This type of filtration is present inside our bodies. We are talking about kidneys. Kidneys do biological filtration. When we drink liquids and various fluids, the kidneys do biological filtration. They extract the waste material and transfer the clean fluids to the body. The remaining useless waste comes out of our body through the urinary system.

Example 2:

The other example is through a coffee machine. When we brew a coffee, the hot water is passed through hot water and a filter. After this process of filtration, we get liquid coffee, which comes out through the filtration process. The other example of filtration is HEPA filters. They are installed in the air conditioners of our homes. The dust and pollen particles are removed through these filters in air conditioners.

What is Decantation?

Decantation is a very famous cleaning process. In this method, we don’t use any type of layers or medium to clean the liquid. This process is mostly used in the field of chemistry. Here is an example of decantation.

Difference between filtration and decantation - what is decantation

Example 1:

You may have done this practice in your chemistry class in which we purify the water with the help of sand sediments. In this process, we transfer the water to the other beaker with the help of a glass rod. By doing this the sentiments of sand will not get disturbed while pouring the water. The waste and useless particles will settle down at the top of sand sentiments or between the layers. And we pour off the clean water into another beaker.

Conclusion of the difference between Filtration and Decantation:

We conclude that filtration and decantation are the two different purifying processes. In which filtration is done by using a layered material or medium to filter out the waste substance from the liquid, Whereas decantation is a liquid purifying process, in which we don’t use any layered medium to filter out the waste particles. It is the process in which we transfer liquid material to the other glass or bottle without disturbing the heavy substances.

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