Difference Between Force And Pressure




Difference Between Force And Pressure. In this article, you will get to know what is force, what is pressure, what is the main difference between force and pressure, and a comparison between them. Force and pressure are the terms that are used in physics. They are used to measure the motion of an object.

Difference Between Force And Pressure:

The main difference between force and pressure is that force is a push and pull action. It changes the motion of the object. On the other hand, pressure is a physical force that is applied to the surface’s unit area.

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What Is Force?

A force is a pull or pushes action applied to any object that will change the motion of that object. When two objects interact, a force develops between them. This force might change the position or shape of that object. The force changes the shape and direction of any specific object. The Si unit for Force is newton and is represented by the letter ‘N’. The force is rule by Newton’s law, it tells us that the force act upon any object.

A force is a pull and push of the object. When an object interacts with another object, force is made between them. When there will be no interaction then there will be no force. Force is a vector quantity. As it has a magnitude that has a specific direction of action. The dynamometer is used to measure the force.

What is Pressure?

The pressure is the force act on the object that acts in a perpendicular direction to the surface of the object at its unit area. The formula of pressure is obtained by dividing the force by an area of the surface. The unit of pressure is Pascal ‘Pa’ or Newton per square meter. Pounds per square inch and bar can also be used as a unit of pressure. Pressure has not any direction, that’s why it is a scalar quantity.

The pressure is of various types. The main types of pressure that exist in our surroundings are Atmospheric, Differential, Absolute, and Gauge pressure. In our daily life, we have many examples of pressure around us. Like while sipping the juice we are sucking the air out. Actually, we are applying pressure at that time.

If the pressure is applied in a large area, there will be less force. Similarly, if the same force is applied to a small area, the pressure will be high. The manometer is used to measure the pressure.

Main difference Between Force And Pressure:

-Force is a pull or push of an object and the pressure is force applying on that object.
-Force is a vector quantity, while pressure is a scalar quantity.
-Dynamometer is used to measure the force. A manometer is used to measure the pressure.
-The unit of force is newton ‘N’. And the unit of pressure is pascal Pa’.
-Force has direction, but pressure has not direction.

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