Difference Between FTP And TFTP




Difference Between FTP And TFTP. In this article, you will learn what is FTP, what is TFTP, what is the main difference between FTP and TFTP, and a comparison between FTP vs TFTP.

Difference Between FTP And TFTP:

Difference Between FTP And TFTP - What is FTP- What is TFTP

The main difference between FTP and TFTP is that the FTP is referred to as ‘File Transfer Protocol’, in which files are transfers from one host to another over the internet. While, TFTP is referred to as ‘Trivia File Transfer Protocol’, which sends files between client and server without any FTP feature.

What Is FTP?

FTP is referred to as ‘File Transfer Protocol’. It an internet protocol that allows transferring files between client to server or server to client. It allows you to upload or download files with other computers with the help of the internet. There are many operating systems that have FTP features.

An FTP is a collection of websites that have text, graphics, audio clips, video clips, and program files. Sometimes there is a problem in receiving or sending the files due to different file names and file directories. In FTP, the secure channel is not provided between hosts and systems. It works on 20 and 21 ports. The first one is for data and the other one is for connection. The services are provided by TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

What Is TFTP?

TFTP stands for ‘Trivial File Transfer Protocol’. It is used to transmit the files between the host and server without any need for FTP. The TFTP software is smaller than FTP. It works on port 69 and the services are given by UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The TFTP is easier and less capable than FTP. You can share files with TFTP without any authentication.

Main Difference Between FTP And TFTP:

-FTP is larger than TFTP.
-TFTP is smaller than FTP.

-FTP works on ports 20 and 21.
-TFTP works on port 69.

-TCP provides services to FTP.
-UDP provides services to TFTP.

-FTP has many commands and messages.
-TFTP has only 5 messages.

-FTP requires authentication for communication.
-TFTP does not require any authentication.

-FTP is useful in uploading and downloading files from remote areas.
-TFTP is useful in the transmission of configurations between networks.

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