Difference Between Golden Globes and Oscars




Difference Between Golden Globes and Oscars. In this article, you will get to know what are golden globes, what are Oscars, the comparison between golden globes vs Oscars, and what is the main difference between golden globes and Oscars. Every year various awards shows are held in different countries all around the world. The film industry also held award shows to present awards to the actors and members of the film industry. Awards shows are the way for appreciating celebrities. Such two biggest award shows are Golden Globes and Oscars.

Difference Between Golden Globes And Oscars:

The main difference between Golden Globes and Oscars is that Golden globes awards are presented to both TV and movies artists, while Oscars are only for movies artists. That’s why whenever you will watch the Golden globes awards, you will see a huge crowd of Tv and movies artists.

What Are Golden Globes?

Golden Globes awards are not only awarded to Tv stars but also movie artists are also awarded by it. The award winners from different categories are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It is a committee of 93 members founded in 1943 that choose the winners. There are 25 categories, 11 for Tv and 14 for films.

This award show is watched in 167 countries from all around the world and is the 3rd most-watched award ceremony in the world. The atmosphere at the Golden Globes Award Show is like a party as compared to the Oscars. People are seated around round tables, making the ambience more sociable.

What Are Oscars?

The Oscars award is also known as ‘ The Academy Awards’ show. It only recognizes films stars. It is the most prestigious award show in the entire world. The winners are selected by the 7000 members consisting of actors, directors and producers. Oscars are arranged and hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. It happens every year. There is a total of 24 categories and many other small categories for the technical staff of the films. The Oscars ceremony is held at the Kodak theatre and is not formal as Golden Globes Awards.

Main Difference Between Golden Globes and Oscar:

-Oscars are for film. Golden Globes are for both Tv and film.
-Golden Globes awards are more lavish than the Oscar.
-There are 24 categories in Oscars and 25 categories in Golden Globes.

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