Difference Between Hair Dryer And Blow Dryer




Difference between Hair Dryer and Blow Dryer. Both items look the same, but their mechanism is different. In this article, you will learn to know what is the difference between the two terms.

Technology has come too far. New innovations are introducing in the world. Women’s fashion is a very important part of society. Fashion experts use different types of equipment in the field of fashion. There are two types of equipment that every lady uses: Hair dryer and Blow dryer. Both types of equipment sound the same but are different from each other.

Main Difference Between Hair dryer And Blow Dryer:

Some significant difference between them are:

1.The term blow dryer is mostly used in the United States English. Hair dryer is implemented in British English.
2.Hair dryer is only for hair.
3.Blow dryer does not have to be electric, while the other dryer is electric that dries hair by using steam or air.
4.Blow dryer has high pressurized air. And, the temperature of the hair dryer is manual and less than the first one.
5.Moisture level decreases by blow-dryer and moisture level increases by the hair-dryer.

Difference Between Hair Dryer And Blow Dryer - Picture

What is Hair Dryer?

Hair dryer is a device that helps people in drying, setting and improving the looks of hair. This term is the same as a blow dryer and also functions the same with the help of a motor. It is electromagnetic equipment. It uses a motor and different coils that are wrapped around the motor to keep the temperature in the place. People can also set their own desired temperature. France were the first to introduce them. In the beginning, the hair dryers were of big sizes and shapes.

What is a Blow Dryer?

This equipment is the synonym of hair dryer. It is used differently because of being the part of American English, People that live in Canada and America uses this term, Which is becoming very common in the world, especially in Asia. This device gives a mixture of cold and hot air. You can dry any body part with blow dry. It is the second name of the hair dryer.

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