Difference Between Have And Have Got




Difference Between Have And Have Got. In this article, you will read about how to use have, how to use have got, what is the main difference between have and have got, & comparison between have vs have got. Let’s see the difference between these two terms.

What Is The Main Difference Between Have And Have Got?

The main difference between have and have got is that in most cases have got is used for the same purpose as we use have. Both the terms are used to express relationships, possession and illness. Have got is more informal than have.

How To Use Have & How To Use Have Got:

Now, we will discuss have and have got with some examples. Both are used for the same purposes; like:

-I have a brother. (formal)
-I have got a brother. (informal)

Some important points to remember are when got is used with have then it becomes informal and mostly used for present tense. Another point to ponder is that ‘Do’ is not used with ‘got’ in questions and negative sentences. For example:

-I have a bike. (formal)
-I have got a bike. (informal)
-Have you got a bike? (correct)
-Do you have a bike? (correct)
-Do you have got a bike? (incorrect)

Have Got Is Not Used For Actions:

If you want to talk about actions, have got is not used in this case. You can use have to express the actions. For example,

-I have breakfast at 8 a.m. (correct)
-I have got breakfast at 8 a.m. (incorrect)

Have and Have Got Is Not Used For Past:

The term ‘had’ is only used for past tense. Have and have got are for present tense. And got is also not used with ‘had’.

-I had a great party yesterday. (correct)
-I had got a great party yesterday. (incorrect)

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