Difference Between HIV And Aids




Difference Between HIV And Aids. You will read about; Aids is infection & HIV is a virus, a comparison between HIV and Aids, symptoms of HIV and Aids, and much more. These terms can be a bit confusing. They belong to different diagnoses, but always go hand in hand. The main significant thing to know the difference between AIDS and HIV is: HIV is a virus. This virus leads to a condition called AIDS. It is the 3rd stage of HIV.

Difference Between HIV And Aids:

Firstly the people considered HIV and AIDS, the same. But, with the development of technology and treatments, a person with HIV positive can live a long and healthy life like another healthy person.

What is HIV?

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus. It leads to immune system deterioration. Only humans get this virus and it attacks the immune system, which later becomes unable to work efficiently. Our immune system can fight nearly all the viruses. But the case is different in HIV. However, medications can control the viral life cycle of HIV.

It is transmitted from one person to others through shared needles and unprotected sex. Very less, a pregnant woman can transmit HIV infection to her child. HIV only develops flu-like and some other symptoms.

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What is AIDS?

AIDS stands for ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome’. Human immunodeficiency virus is the cause of AIDS, also called stage 3 HIV.

AIDS or stage 3 HIV is developed when human immunodeficiency virus has caused serious damage to the immune system. AIDS is a complicated condition. The symptoms may vary from person to person. The immune system has serious damage in this condition. A person can’t fight the diseases at all. An infected person suffers from collectively as opportunistic infections. They include tuberculosis, pneumonia, other various diseases and certain types of cancer. The symptoms of AIDS can be very serious. The immune system is totally damaged. And, the body is confronting various types of diseases and cancers.

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HIV Not Always Progress To AIDS:

The HIV virus doesn’t always lead to stage 3. In fact, many HIV infected people live for years without developing AIDS. The advanced treatment has made it possible. An HIV person can live a normal life. But human immunodeficiency virus infections never go away. Even if AIDS does not develop. Without HIV treatment, it can gradually destroy the immune system and leads to AIDS.

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