Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS




Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS. In this article, you’ll read what is HTTP, what is HTTPS, and what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. They look like similar terms but are totally different. So, what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? The main difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that HTTP is not a secure protocol. It provides a webpage from the webserver on request to the web browser. Whereas, HTTPS is a secure protocol. It provides a webpage from the webserver on request to the web browser.

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS:

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What is HTTP?

HTTP is a file transfer protocol that is used to access data from the World Wide Web. Its long-form is ‘hypertext transfer protocol’. As earlier said, it provides a web page from the web server on request to the web browser. Both FTP and SMTP function combine, and this combined function is known as HTTP. Only TCP is used as a data connection in HTTP. No separate control connection is used in HTTP except the data connection. HTTP uses the service of TCP on port no 80.

FTP works on the mechanism of HTTP. SMTP also transfer the data between the server and the client. There is no encryption in HTTP. Also, the SSL certificate is required in the HTTP. It does not store or forward the message. In HTTP messages are directly send. In return, the client’s request message command is sent to the webserver. FTP is a transfer protocol. It uploads and downloads the file between server and client. FTP covers HTTP problems. FTP uses the control connection that HTTP does not use

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for ‘hypertext transfer protocol secure’. The working and mechanism of HTTPS are as same as HTTP. However, HTTPS works in combination with SSL. SSL is ‘secure socket layer’. The security of data and messages is handled by the SSL certificate. It is present in HTTPS. The main purpose of HTTPS is to give secure browsing and communication with websites, along with sending sensitive data. SSL certificate is must needed, when it comes to the security of data and information. HTTPS websites are expensive than HTTP websites. There is encryption is HTTPS websites.

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