Difference Between Jazz and Blues




Difference Between Jazz and Blues. Let’s discussed some music styles. We will talk about what is jazz music, what is blues music, the comparison between jazz vs blues, and what is the main difference between jazz and blues. There are many music styles. All of them differ from one another, They differ in composition, instruments used, and overall music.

Difference Between Jazz And Blues:

The most talked music styles are jazz and blues. These two styles are always talked together. The reason behind this is that these music styles emerged in South -America in the late 19th century. Then it got spread north region too. After that, some sub-genres of this music were also formed.
The main difference between jazz and blues is that Jazz is taken as a musical art form, while Blues is also taken as a musical form and as a music genre.

What Is Jazz Music?

Jazz is a music genre. The word jazz comes from ‘jasm’, which means energy and spirit. It was developed in the 20th century. jazz was first started in southern Europe. Then, it was introduced by African Americans to the whole world. It is European and African style music. There are also many sub-genres that were derived from jazz. These include jazz blues, funk, swing, soul, Latin jazz and fusion.

The instruments used in jazz are guitar, piano, drum kit, double bass, tuba, clarinet, bass and saxophone. In beginning, jazz music was only played in brothels. Sometimes, it has hyper music but it comprises a smooth and easy tone. The first jazz music was done by the Original Dixieland Jass Band in 1917.

What Is Blues Music?

Blues is a form of music introduced in the late 19th century by African Americans. It came from the deep south of the US and went to Chicago, through Texas. This music is derived from their traditional folk music. There are many kinds of music derived from the blues like rock and roll, rock music, r and b, and bluegrass.

The instruments used in this music are vocals, piano, guitar, bass, double bass, trombone, saxophone, trumpet and drums. Blues has a melancholic and slow tone. This music has set chord patterns, blue notes and emotive lyrics.

Main Difference Between Jazz and Blues:

-Blues music has set chord patterns. Jazz music emphasis on improvisation.
-Jazz has instrumental voicing. Blue music has lyrics.
-Blues music focuses on guitarists and vocalists, while jazz focuses on the whole group.

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