Difference Between Law And Policy




Difference Between Law And Policy. In this article, you will read get to know about what is law, what is policy, what is the main difference between law and policy, and a comparison between law vs policy. Every society or state runs on planned laws and policies. Both are very important because they keep society civilized.

Difference Between Law And Policy:

Difference Between Policy and Law - Comparison

Many people get confused between the two terms. But both are different and are of different reasons. The main difference between law and policy is that policy is set in the society to achieve any goal in the society, and on the other hand, laws are for the implementation of justice in the society or to give punishment to the criminal. Higher authorities of the state like courts and the constitution get together in the process of making laws and policies for their people of the taste.

What Is Law?

Laws are made by the government of the state. These laws are reinforced in society to have peace and good behaviour. The people living in the community had to abide by all the rules and laws made by the government. If anyone breaks the law, the government will have full right to give him the penalty and punishment. There are various types of laws in every state like civil law, criminal law or international laws. Criminal laws are made to maintain order related to crime in the country. Civil law handles disputes between individuals, organizations or alike. International laws are made to follow by the people in foreign states or people of different nationalities.

What Is Policy?

The policy is made to achieve any goal in society. It is a set of principles to be followed. Organizations or any system made a policy to get a better outcome of any plan. Anyone can put a policy under his sector, from government organization to individual. Like any company have a policy that the employees of the company will follow. The policy can become laws by the governments. In simple words, policies are commitments that the person of the particular organization has to follow. When the individuals of the institute follow policies, there will a healthy peaceful environment with great outcomes.

Main Difference Between Policy and Law:

-Laws are made for maintaining justice. Policies are made to achieve better results in the organization.
-Courts are involved in making and implementing the laws, While, the court had no such involvement in the policies.
-The new laws can be made by studying the policies.
-Laws are informal. They are written in law books and the constitution. Policies are only recorded in documents.

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