Difference Between Manager And Director




Difference Between Manager And Director. In this article, you will read about what is manager, what is director, comparison between manager vs director, what is the main difference manager and director, and much more. The word manager and director sound the same, but they are different. Every company has its working crew, hired in various positions. All have different duties and responsibilities. Some jobs are superiors to others on the basis of job description and qualification.

Difference Between Manager And Director:

Both manager and director have the same task to look after and manage the activities that are happening in the company. The main difference between the manager and the director is that the Director is chosen by the shareholders of the company, which looks after the activities of the company. While the manager is an employee, who has taken the responsibility of the management of the company. However, they both share different responsibilities and tasks.

Difference Between Manager And Director- what is manager- what is director- comparison between manager and director

What is Manager? It’s Rank And Duty:

A manager is the employee of the company, responsible for managing the company. He or she is paid for the job. The manager has an educational background in the management. The various seats of manager in the specific companies like a head manager, customer relationship manager, HR manager, accounts manager or sales manager. The particular manger manages its assigned department. They have to check all tasks and activities going in their department. The manager manages its assigned department and its employees. Then give a report to the heads of the company, so they can take a look that all well is going on.

Duty Of A Manager:

The duties for which the manager is responsible for are: Hiring and firing staff, monitoring the expenses, training of the new employees, checking the tasks are done perfectly, planning for the duties of every employee in the department, analyzing the performances of the employees and much more.

What is Director? It’s Rank And Duty:

A director is also an employee of the company. The director is hired by the shareholders of the company. Director looks after the activities and works happening in the company. A director makes sure that all tasks and work is performed up to the mark. Director is superior to the manager.

Duty Of The Director:

The director is high in the post than the manager. He can make contacts with the other companies. The director represents the company on big forums and also have a share in the company. He takes an eye on every activity of the company. Director can give orders to the manager and the manager have to give reports to the director of the company.

Main Difference Between Manager And Director:

-Director has a unique leadership, while a manager has an acquired leadership.

-Manager is in a lower position than the director.

-Director do administrative work of the company. The manager is responsible for the management of the company.

-Director is decisive and the manager is executive.

-Director gives the plans for the betterment of company and manager executes that plan through the help of the employees.

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