Difference Between Mitochondria And Mitochondrion




Difference Between Mitochondria And Mitochondrion. In this article, you will read about what is mitochondria, what is mitochondrion, the main difference between mitochondria and mitochondrion, and a comparison between mitochondria vs mitochondrion.

Difference Between Mitochondria And Mitochondrion:

There is no difference between mitochondria and mitochondrion. The only difference between them is that mitochondrion is the plural form of mitochondria. Mitochondria is the main power of the cell. It makes the energy to make the cell strong. The mitochondrion has circular chromosomes in them. They code for redox proteins that are responsible for the respiratory process.

What Is Mitochondria?

Mitochondria is present in the cells of eukaryotic organisms. Mitochondria is not present in red blood cells because these cells have not any organelles. Unicellular organisms like diplomonads and microsporidia also consist of mitochondria.

The role of mitochondria is to generate ATP. It is the energy that provides chemical energy to the metabolism of the cells. The sizes of mitochondria range from 0.75 micrometres to 3 micrometres. Only stained mitochondria can be seen under a microscope.

Other than generating the ATP, there are several other roles of mitochondria. Roles like cellular differentiation, signalling and apoptosis (cell death) is also done by mitochondria. The whole process of cell growth depends on the proper functioning of the mitochondria.

Mitochondria have different compartments, like cristae, matrix, inner membrane, outer membrane and intermembrane space. The number of mitochondria varies in every cell. Like liver has 2000 mitochondrion and on the other hand, red blood cells have not any single mitochondria.

What Is Mitochondrion?

The mitochondrion is the plural of mitochondria. And this is the only difference between mitochondria and mitochondrion. Mitochondria also consist of DNA. All organelles have their own genome which makes the protein in the cell. A total of 615 proteins are made by the cardiac mitochondrion and 940 proteins are formed by the mitochondrial genome.
There are 615 proteins that are made from cardiac mitochondrion and 940 rat proteins are made from the mitochondrial genome.

There are two hypotheses that tell the formation of the mitochondrion. The first hypothesis is an endosymbiotic hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, the mitochondrion was formerly prokaryotic cells. They perform the task of oxidative phosphorylation, which eukaryotic cells can’t. That’s why they are present inside eukaryotic cells.

The second hypothesis is an autogenous hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, on the divergence of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, the DNA split off from the nucleus. On this separation, mitochondria were formed and get enclosed by membranes.

Structure Of Mitochondria:

Difference Between Mitochondria And Mitochondrion- what is mitochondria- what is mitochondrion

-Outer membrane.
-Inter membrane.
-Inner membrane.
-ATP synthase.

Main Difference between Mitochondria and Mitochondrion:

-There is no difference between mitochondria and mitochondrion.
-The mitochondrion is the plural of mitochondria.

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