Difference Between Mouse And Trackball




Difference Between Mouse And Trackball. In this article, you will get to know about what is a mouse, what is a trackball, what is the main difference between a mouse and a trackball, and a comparison between a trackball vs a mouse. These two are part of the personal desktop computer. However, they both used for the same purpose, while using a computer that is pointing the things on a computer screen. But each one of them has its own salient features. Both trackball and mouse differ from each other in many characteristics.

Difference Between Mouse And Trackball:

The main difference between mouse and trackball is that the mouse has a moving ball on its lower part and the trackball has a moving ball on its upper part. This moving ball helps to point the things on the computer screen.

What Is A Mouse?

Difference Between Mouse And Trackball - What is a mouse

A mouse is a part of the computer system. It is a pointing device that helps to point things on a computer screen. It fits comfortably under the palms and you can use it easily with your moving hand. You can control the movement of the pointer with a mouse. The pointer on the screen will move in the direction, in which you move the mouse. A mouse has two buttons on it with a scrolling wheel. These buttons are right-click and left-click. The scrolling wheel is used to scroll the page up and down.

There is a new mouse in the markets called the optical mouse. It emits light. This light is used to detect the movement of the mouse. Some of them use laser and others use optical sensors.

What Is A Trackball?

A trackball is also used to point things on the computer screen. But, it is a stationary device that you cannot move according to your desire. It is fixed in one place. The moving ball is placed on its upper part or on its side. You rotate the ball with your finger. As you do this the pointer on the screen also moves in the direction, you rotate the ball with your finger. It has buttons just like a mouse that are used for clicking.

Comparison Between Mouse Vs Trackball:

-A mouse is a moving device.
-A trackball is a stationary device.

-Light computer users use the mouse.
-Heavy computer users use the trackball.

-Mouse has a rotating ball in its lower part.
-Trackball has a rotating ball on its upper part.

-Mouse is commonly used.
-Trackball is rarely used.

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