Difference Between Need And Want




Difference Between Need And Want. In this article, we will discuss what is need, what is want, what is the main difference between need and want, and a comparison between need vs want. Some people use these words interchangeably, but they are different from each other. Let us differentiate between need and want.

What Is The Main Difference Between Need And Requirement?

The main difference between need and requirement is that the:

-Needs is an essential requirement or necessity which is important for survival.

-Want is a desire and its fulfilment is not necessary for survival.

Difference Between Need And Want - Chart

What Is Need?

A need is something that is necessary for the individual, community or business. Generally, need means things that are important for organisms. For example, food and air is a need for every living thing. In the same way, for healthy and happy living basic needs are health care products, clothing, tools to work, and protective housing. Non-availability of a need can cause mental illness or sometimes death.

Similarly in business, the word ‘need’ has a different definition. It is the goal or objective that a business should have to achieve. This is done for the success of the business, making profits, serving effectively, and achieving any mission. A need is the end result the business has to achieve.

What Is Want?

Want is a desire. The things we want are the things that we wished for. These things are not essential for our living and survival. Everyone has their own list of desires and wants. It changes over the period of time. And non-availability of wants will not cause death. For example, a new car, a big house, a trip to a foreign country, new clothes, new games, etc.

Comparison Between Need Vs Want:

-Needs are essentials.
-Wants are desires.

-Needs are essential for survival.
-Wants are not essential for survival.

-Need do not change over time.
-Want changes over time.

-Non-availability of needs can have adverse outcomes.
-Non-availability of wants will not have negative effects.

-Needs are the same for every individual.
-Want vary from person to person.

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