Difference Between Novel And Novella




Difference Between Novel And Novella. In this article, you will come to know about what is novel, what is novella, what is the main difference between novel and novella, and a comparison between novel vs novella. Both are used interchangeably but their original meanings are eluded by most of us. But in today’s topic, we will try to figure out the difference between the two words.

What Is The Main Difference Between Novel And Novella?

The main difference between novel and novella is that the:

Novel is long and narrative in genre describing fictional characters and events.

-Novella is also a narrative and fictional genre, but shorter than a novel and longer than a story.

Difference Between Novel And Novella - chart

What Is A Novel?

A novel is a type of book, which has a long, narrative and having fictional genre. The person who writes the novels is called the novelist. It is written to entertain the reader. The novel does not have any specific subject because it has written all the fictional thoughts and accounts. The novel is written through imagination. The novelist tells the story that he or she has made up. The novel can have any story type. It could be romantic, drama, thriller, horror, or science fiction. The written content in the novels is not as factual as in other books.

The novel is referred to as the longest genre of narrative prose fiction in today’s modern literature. The minimum number of words a novel can have are 40,000 words and have more than 200 pages.

What Is Novella?

The novella is also a narrative and fictional genre of writing, but shorter than a novel and longer than a story. They were introduced in the late 18th century and the early 19th century. It has fewer characters and themes than a novel. Novella often tends to be short and sophisticated. It can be read in one sitting. For example, the old man and the sea or a Christmas carol.

Comparison Between Novel Vs Novella:

-Novel is a longer and narrative fictional book, representing various characters and themes.
-Novella is fictional writing that is shorter than a novel and longer than a story.

-Novel has a complex story and plot.
-Novella is less complex as compared to the novel.

-Novel is divided into chapters.
-Novella is not divided into chapters.

-Novel takes to get finished.
-Novella can be finished in one sitting.

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