Difference Between Pampers Swaddlers And Pampers Cruisers




Diapers are the need for every new parent and newborn baby. Parents want good diapers for their babies to keep them dry. For this, they have trusted Pampers brand for years. hence, it is the most popular brand diaper, they have a vast variety of diapers for kids of all ages. They have high-quality hygiene products. Their most demanding products are Swaddler and Cruisers. In this article, we will learn the Difference Between Pampers Swaddlers And Pampers Cruisers.

Difference Between Pampers Swaddlers And Pampers Cruisers:

The main difference between pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers is very easy; Swaddlers are for the babies that do not crawl or walk. While cruisers are for kids or babies that crawl or walk. They both look similar but have differences. We will breakdown some important differences and comparison between Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers.

Pampers Swaddlers:

Swaddlers are for the babies that weigh around 5 to 35 pounds. As pampers Swaddlers are really comfortable, they are a great choice for small babies. Pampers Swaddlers are wearable for up to 12 hours because of AGM gel core that minimizes the wetness. It distributes the wetness evenly. This means that you can use them for overnight. They are good for babies as they have sensitive skin. Swaddlers have ultra-softness and hypoallergic material which suits the baby skin. They do not contain latex and parabens; can be used for newborn safely. They are as comfortable as a cloth diaper.

Size And Structure Of Pampers Swaddlers:

Pampers Swaddlers have sized from N to 6. The smallest 3 sizes have a ‘newborn notch’ in it. It is used to accommodate the umbilical cord stump to avoid any discomfort to the baby.
The Swaddlers have also ‘ wetness stripe’, which turn blue when the diaper is fully wet. Leakage is pretty rare in Swaddlers with a less bulky look than other diapers swaddlers.

Pros Of Pampers Swaddlers:

-Soft and hypoallergenic material
-Sizes N to 6 are available
-Absorbent channels, Wetness liner, AGM gel
-Newborn notch is present in smaller sizes
-Wetness stripe
-Lesser bulk than other diapers
-Overnight usage

Cons Of Pampers Swaddlers:

-Rare complaints of less absorbency
-Sometimes cause rashes

Pampers Cruisers:

Pampers cruisers are for the kids that weigh about 15 to 40 pounds. Ther are suitable for active babies. Many customers love pampers cruisers. It stays on babies securely, who loves to move and walk. Cruiser keeps the leakages at bay. The best part is that you can easily tear it off after the use. They lack paraben and latex, which make it safe for babies skin. It also has absorbent channels like Swaddlers that distribute the moisture evenly. Pampers Cruisers have also AGM gel that increases absorbency.

Size And Structure Of Pampers Cruisers:

Pampers cruisers are very stretchy. They do not get sag. They are available in 3 to 7 sizes. The largest size of the cruiser is larger than the last size of the swaddle. They get fitted easily and comfortably at the thighs, abdomen and bottom.

Pros Of Pamper Cruisers:

-360-degree fit
-Stretchy and do not sag
-Comfortable and soft
-Wetness channels with AGM gel
-Double leak-guard barriers
-Good for overnight use

Cons Of Pampers Cruisers:

-Limited sizes available
-No indicator for wetness

Conclusion Of The Difference Between The Pampers Swaddlers And Pampers Cruisers:

Both products are trustworthy and promising in terms of comfort, safety and leakage. The difference is just that Swaddlers are for newborns and sitting babies. While Cruisers are for crawling and walking babies. They both are quite handy and useful.