Difference Between Plotter And Laser Printer




Difference Between Plotter And Laser Printer. In this article, you will read about what is plotter, what is laser printer, and what is the main difference between plotter and laser printer. Although both are printers, but are different from each other. Let us differentiate between them.

What Is The Main Difference Between Plotter And Laser Printer?

The main difference between plotter and laser printer is that the:

-Plotters are the types of printers that produce high-drawings like blueprints, maps and circuit diagrams.

–Laser Printer is a high-speed and non-impact printer, that can print text and graphics at high resolutions and graphics.

What Is Plotter?

Difference Between Plotter and Laser Printer - plotter

A Plotter is a simple and sophisticated type of printer that produces high-image drawings like maps, circuit diagrams, and blueprints. The drawings made by the plotter are very costly and these printers are much expensive than other printers. These printers are mostly used in the fields of engineering and drafting.

Many graphic artists used this printer to make posters, signboards and various professional displays of high quality. Plotters consist of more than one automated pens that help in creating diagrams, images, and blueprints. A simple printer can print a single line at a time, but the plotter can draw numerous drawings or lines from point to point at the same time.

What Is Laser Printer?

Difference Between Plotter and Laser Printer - laser printer

A laser printer is a non-impact printer. It can generate high-quality images, graphics and texts. A laser printer is a high-speed printer with a speed of 15-62 pages per minute (ppm). Whereas coloured laser printers have a speed of 8-40 ppm. There are large, high-quality laser printers that can print 150 pages per minute.

A laser printer uses individual sheets at a time. These sheets of paper are placed in a removable tray. Whenever there is a command to print, the laser printer takes the paper from the tray and print the required image on paper. Laser printer can print high-resolution graphics very easily. The resolution can range from 1200 to 2400 dpi.

The laser printer can be more expensive than other printers. But there are some models that are available at affordable prices for home use. They can print the images and graphics faster than inkjet printers. The cost of the laser printer depends on the quality, speed and type. A laser printer for home use can cost several hundred dollars, but for business, it can cost several thousand dollars. A coloured laser printer can be more expensive than a black & white laser printer. The coloured laser printer works the same as the black & white laser printer. Both have the same mechanism, which operates a similar copy machine. This printer uses a laser beam along with powdered ink to create high-quality images. The powdered ink and laser beam is known as toner. When the toner runs, it is replaced with new toner.

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