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Difference Between PR And Marketing. In this article, you will read about what is PR, what is marketing, and what is the main difference between PR and marketing. Both the terms are important aspects of the company. No company can flourish without following it. People think PR and marketing are the same, but they are different in terms of goals and strategies.

What Is The Main Difference Between PR And Marketing?

The main difference between PR and Marketing is that the:

-PR stands for ‘Public Relations’. It maintains the positive reputation of the company.

-Marketing is responsible for promoting and selling the product.

Difference Between PR And Marketing - Chart

What Is PR?

PR stands for ‘Public Relations. This department maintains the positive image of the company. This is done by building mutually beneficial relationships with the public. The PR specialists focus on building healthy and positive relationships with the customers by using direct and indirect mediums. It depends on low-cost promoting methods.

PR is also responsible for maintaining the strategic relationship with the public, partners, investors, employees, prospective customers, and other stakeholders. It focuses on the long-term benefits. PR promote the company through editorial content, news channels, newspapers, magazines, websites and TV programs.

There are various types of PR like;

-Media Relations.
-Investor Relations.
-Community Relations.
-Community Relations.
-Internal Relations.
-Government Relations.
-Customer Relations.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing focuses on selling and promoting its products and services. In other words, it is the way of attracting customers and clients to have an interest in your products. Marketing is done by market research, advertisement and analysis.

Marketing directly targets the customer needs, instead of creating relations with the customer. It chooses paid methods of promotion and marketing. The most important steps in doing marketing are;
-Raising brand awareness.
-Generating traffic.
-Increasing revenue.
-Tracking your metrics.
-Building trust in the brand.

Various types of marketing are; Digital marketing, Direct marketing, Performance marketing, and Inbound marketing.

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